FSS and Okay to provide authentication solutions

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Chennai, India – Oslo, Norway: FSS Technologies and Okay have announced a partnership to provide authentication security to consumer payments – specifically transaction validation and authentication on mobile.

FSS (Financial Software and Systems) is already growing its business opportunities in Europe through its next generation products technology and solution offerings.

The company focuses on leveraging its global expertise to deliver new propositions in different areas. Such as prepaid, debit and credit card management, omni-channel acquiring, AI-based payments, strong customer authentication, and smart reconciliation solutions.

With Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) projects undertaken globally with particular emphasis in Europe, this partnership will enable FSS to further its footprint within SCA support.

And ensure that customer’s own authentication capabilities are future-proofed to meet not only the demands of regulators but ever sophisticated fraudsters.

As recently highlighted by the UK Consumer Association, there are ever increasing numbers of at-risk devices globally and with the demands generated through the adoption of the PSD2 measures, the correct management of SCA is of growing importance.

“It’s within our DNA to continuously power our offering and we do this by bringing the best tech vendors on board as partners.

“FSS is an obvious choice; they are aligned with our values, a globally established player and can provide their expertise to help us execute – rapidly – for our customers,” said Fabien Ignaccolo, CEO – Okay.

“By blending our know-how in the mobile-SCA area with FSS’ own offering we can super-power our approach and go beyond ‘just securing the transaction info and authentication’ to the refinement of the A to Z of the customer payment experience,” added Ignaccolo.

“The adoption of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) remains a critical success factor in Europe’s growing digital payments landscape,” commented Simeon Miles, Head – UK, Ireland and Nordics, FSS.

“But with the adoption of SCA in a constant state of evolution – as evidenced by the latest recommendations surrounding OTP and mobile, it’s vital that our customers are ahead of the curve with the solution that we provide.”

“Our partnership with Okay, with their expertise in the SCA mobile space, fully rounds out our offering and makes for a compelling proposition here in Europe,” added Miles.

Together, FSS and Okay will work towards protecting consumers’ online and mobile purchases. By optimising the customer experience and enabling effortless payments, issuers can improve revenues whilst further assured security improves the basket size of transactions.

“With our authentication headset and know-how, as best illustrated by our Secure 3D offering and Okay’s future-proofed algorithmic based offering, this partnership will give our clients a competitive edge in customer experience, ultimately reducing false positives (including the dreaded cart abandonment ) whilst maintaining the lowest possible fraud level,” added Simeon.

The FSS and Okay partnership is already creating attention from their joint customer base and will be “an exciting partnership with an unrivalled offering, according to the Emerging Payments Association, Director General, Tony Craddock.

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