Flock brings Flock Pro to teams on HipChat/Stride, acquired and killed by Slack

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Mumbai: With the sun setting on HipChat and Stride, it’s an interesting time for the enterprise messaging market. And while Slack is all set to acquire Atlassian’s products and its users, the competition in the market is far from over.

Flock, a leading team messaging app trusted by over 30,000 companies globally, is offering Stride/HipChat users the opportunity to try Flock’s Pro plan for free for an entire year. This move is aimed at helping Stride users shift their entire teams (including messages, rooms and users) with just one click to Flock.

This offer provides substantial value as easy migration, adaptability, and cost are among the major factors that users evaluate while switching between tools. For small and medium organisations with 100-500 employees, this number could translate into savings worth $4k to $18k annually.

“Stride and HipChat users are looking for an alternative that is simple and easy to use for diverse teams. Flock is all of this and thus makes the shift worth it. We offer not only real-time messaging but also thoughtfully built features for our power users such as the ability to integrate third-party apps and tools via our app store and webhooks. With Flock’s powerful API, devs can also build apps of their own. Considering all of this, we have already seen a steady increase in the number of migration enquiries from the users of Stride and HipChat. This is a positive development for us as Flock is right on top of their consideration list,” said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Founder, Flock.

He added, “We stay committed to our new and existing users by constantly innovating our offerings based on user feedback to help enhance their productivity and efficiency the way they want.”

Flock’s nifty migration tool is making the entire process of migration seamless, fast and stress-free. And teams that have moved from HipChat to Flock in the past have only good things to say.

“We switched from HipChat to Flock and our team has really benefited from the gain in overall speed and productivity their application provides. Flock is faster and is much more thoughtfully designed. The Flock team was also very helpful during the transition and is highly responsive to any issues or feature requests we may have”, said Richard Kirkendall, CEO of Namecheap, a leading domain name registrar.

Here’s why Flock is one of the best alternatives to Stride and HipChat:

Flock makes messaging simple

● You can reply, forward or react to messages. Favorite or pin important messages, links or files to save time searching for them.

● Conversations are organized and easy to follow. New conversations bubble to the top across devices – not just on mobile – no more scrolling down your entire list to find new messages.

● You can invite partners and vendors as guests for quick and easy collaboration.

Flock has powerful admin controls

● In Flock, admins can specify users (by their domain) who can or cannot join their team.

Flock brings all your work in one place

● You can use Flock’s own powerful tools like Shared To-Dos (to track tasks), Reminders, and Opinion Polls (to get quick votes and take decisions faster). You can also choose from over dozens of third-party integrations (Google Drive, Twitter, Trello, GitHub), listed on the Flock App store.

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