F5 gears up for new Edge 2.0 Platform, post-Volterra deal

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Mumbai: F5 Networks is building a new Edge 2.0 Platform for enterprises and service providers post the completion of Volterra acquisition.

The company said that it has completed the acquisition of Volterra – the first universal edge-as-a-service platform. Leveraging Volterra’s technology, F5 is building the new platform that will be security-first and app-driven with unlimited scale.

“I am incredibly excited to welcome Volterra to the F5 family and get to work bringing Edge 2.0—a key part of our Adaptive Applications vision—to customers,” said François Locoh-Donou, F5 President and CEO.

“Joining forces, we will deliver the enterprise-grade features, including world-class security and scale, that has been missing from the edge until now,” added Locoh-Donou.

Current edge approaches, according to Volterra’s Co-Founder Ankur Singla are not designed with enterprises in mind.

“When Harshad and I started Volterra, we knew the edge would need to be delivered with the scale of public clouds, but with management and security integrated with the datacentres where so many enterprise apps still live,” said Singla.

“Given F5’s leadership in Adaptive Applications and their vast enterprise customer base, I could not imagine a better partner to empower customers’ business transformation through modern apps,” added Singla.

Volterra’s multi-cloud technology addresses key edge and security problems. It has over 50 enterprise customers including three of the top fifteen global telcos.

“We are excited to work with Volterra to architect an unprecedented edge computing environment across our 5G network,” said Keiichi Makizono, SVP and CIO, SoftBank Corp.

“Volterra has demonstrated that it solves critical operational challenges within existing telco cloud service offerings, increasing operator efficiency and revenue streams while delivering a cloud-native experience that will drive developer adoption,” added Makizono.

The F5+Volterra Edge 2.0 Platform
The new F5+Volterra Edge 2.0 platform will able to address challenges found with current edge solutions built on CDNs and have limited security features.

This new enterprise-focused edge is security-first and app-driven, with unlimited scale.

F5+Volterra’s Edge 2.0 platform will deliver the full range of F5’s security products in a SaaS model. F5’s AI technology for fraud and abuse protection will be made available for easy deployment to any enterprise.

The edge should meet the requirements of the app, not the other way around. The Volterra platform is based on industry-standard containers, enabling enterprises to ‘build once, deploy globally.’

F5 simplifies operations to accelerate time-to-market and lower cost of ownership, powering more than 70% of the world’s top 10,000 websites and 48 of the Fortune 50.

Third-party CDNs cannot match the scale and capital investment of the public clouds of Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Nor can a single public cloud match the scale of all clouds combined.

The F5+Volterra Edge 2.0 platform represents the first open edge architecture. It enables DevOps and developer teams to seamlessly shift workloads across clouds and data centres, without reimplementation or retooling, enabling the largest scale and the best performance possible.

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