DRONECO aims to do 122 million deliveries in the next 5 years

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Mumbai: The newly launched drone-based logistics service DRONECO by TSAW has revealed its major expansion plans across India. DRONECO aims to do 122 million deliveries in the next five years across 478 cities, covering more than 10000 pin codes.

“We aim to do 122 million deliveries in the next five years while covering 478 cities and more than 10,000 pin codes,” TSAW’s Co-Founder and CTO Rimanshu Pandey told TechHerald.in during an interaction.

Drone tech startup TSAW launched its drone-based logistics service arm DRONECO this January. It is a point-to-point drone transport service with the primary goal of the timely delivery of goods to customers.

At present, DRONECO’s service is available in 21 pin codes near Hyderabad but it plans to expand its reach across India, going ahead. “The service is now available in 21 pin codes near Hyderabad and will expand to a few more in February,” said Pandey.

“We have a strategy to cover all of India’s geography, but initially, we’d like to concentrate on a limited number of regions to work on unit economics and other issues before beginning a rapid expansion,” added Pandey.

The pricing of the new drone-based logistic service depends on the distance, package weight and region. “Pricing is entirely ricing is entirely dependent on distance, package weight, and region, yet it is comparable to road logistics pricing and still much faster,” explained Pandey.

At present, the drone-based logistic service uses two district drone models for its delivery based on the distance and weight of packages. “We presently use two distinct models: the e-VTOL Adarna for long-range, lighter packages up to 8 kg and the hexacopter Maruthi 2.0 for short-range, large packages up to 20 kg,” informed Pandey.

“We are also developing a variant with a 50 kg lift capability. All drones are flown under the supervision of certified technicians and pilots,” he added.

TSAW is an IIT-Delhi-based drone manufacturing startup that operates in the drone logistics space. Kishan Tiwari and Rimanshu Pandey co-founded TSAW with a vision to introduce drones as a new and faster mode of transportation.

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