Digital infrastructure to drive 49% of business income in India by 2027

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Bengaluru: Digital infrastructure to drive 49% of business revenue in India by 2027, according to the findings of a jointly commissioned study by Lenovo and AMD. titled CIO Technology Playbook 2023 by Lenovo and AMD.

With the rapid digital transformation in the Asia Pacific, the IDC-conducted study titled CIO Technology Playbook 2023 reveals that APAC organisations are expected to generate as much as 43% of the revenue from digitally connected products, services, and customer experiences by 2027 (49% for Indian organisations).

The study covered over 900 CIOs and IT decision-makers in Asia Pacific (AP) region. The results observed show concerns among CIOs around macroeconomic factors affecting business growth in 2023 and early 2024.

For CIOs in India ‘high energy prices’ is the topmost concern in 2023; followed by ‘high inflation’ and ‘growing geopolitical tensions’ as the other key challenge areas.

“With the rise of digital capabilities, businesses are leaning towards data-driven innovation to drive effective business decisions. This means staying on top of rapid innovations in Cloud, Edge, AI/ML that must meet the existing infrastructure with as-a-service offerings. CIOs today have a bigger role to play. We are certain that the CIO Technology Playbook will act as the guide for CIOs to plan and transform their IT,” said Amit Luthra, Managing Director, India, Lenovo ISG.

“Covering the Asia Pacific geography, the report notes that organiations in India are at the forefront of leveraging new technologies such as edge innovation with more than 97% of the organisations in India already using or intending to use Edge Computing for their business operations,” added Luthra.

As the digital landscape evolves, it’s crucial for organisations to transform their digital infrastructure, according to Vinay Sinha, MD – AMD India.

“Transforming digital infrastructure is a complex process that requires addressing a range of key challenges and spending imperatives. The ‘CIO Technology Playbook 2023’ will act as a comprehensive guide to address key issues such as maximizing existing investments, addressing security and compliance concerns, and ensuring scalability and reliability of the digital infrastructure,” said Sinha.

“By having a clear, actionable plan in place, CIOs and business leaders can make informed decisions, drive innovation, and enhance the customer experience,” added Sinha.

The study further highlights that IT decision-makers are actively looking to leverage technology to optimize their supply chains and improve asset utilisation, agility, and resilience, enabling them to respond faster to the changing needs of the business.

When it comes to business priorities, for 36% of CIOs in Asia driving revenue and profit growth is the top priority, followed by driving higher customer experience and satisfaction, and cost optimisation and savings for 32% of respondents respectively.
Digital Infrastructure to drive business ROI

Digital infrastructure can help businesses automate tasks, streamline processes, and improve productivity. 85% of Asia Pacific organisations agree that digital infrastructure is essential to achieve business goals.

With the advent of multi-clouds and rapidly expanding edge infrastructure CIOs are highly concerned about the growing IT operational complexity and increasing demand for faster response to their ever-changing and evolving business requirements.

To accelerate their digital transformation (DX) and modernise legacy IT infrastructure, CIOs called out improving cyber resiliency (ranked 1 by 49% of respondents in Asia) and automating digital infrastructure management (ranked 2 by 47% of respondents in Asia) as the top investment priorities for 2023.

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