Cyient launches FOTA solution for connected devices

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Cyient launches FOTA solution for connected devices from its CyientfIQ platform

Hyderabad: Cyient today launched a pre-built solution for managed Firmware over-the-Air (FOTA) updates from its CyientfIQ platform.

CyientfIQ as a platform enables the development of new IPs and solutions in collaboration with partners. The FOTA solution is designed to speed up the development of intelligent and connected products for customers across the industry.

This solution is built for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industrial, construction, agriculture, mining, medical, and automotive/off-highway sectors. It ensures that there’s a significant reduction in the cost of after-sales service support, and an avenue for additional revenue through optional new feature upgrades for end-users.
The CyientfIQ FOTA solution’s design provides end-to-end solutions, i.e., device to OTA server, and addresses industry or domain-specific needs in terms of various system architecture, security needs at each layer of the architecture, and legacy device upgrade.

Cyient Firmware over-the-Air (FOTA) Solution

While this solution’s benefits will have a bearing on almost every sector, the automotive industry will see a considerable impact, with more than 250 million vehicles set to have some OTA capabilities by 2025.

It’s estimated the total OEM cost savings from the OTA update was $18.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $60.9 billion by 2025. At that point, more than 250 million vehicles will have some type of OTA capabilities.
Devices must be updated for new features and technology changes with the surge in connected and intelligent devices. The CyientfIQ FOTA solution addresses firmware update scenarios such as a device to cloud OTA server, gateway to cloud OTA server, and device to the gateway to cloud OTA server.

The end-to-end FOTA update requires the coordination of complex elements right from device, gateway, and device administration to the cloud OTA server. Cyient will provide a seamless upgrade process that eliminates all risk factors in these steps.
“Cyient provides a one-stop solution to implement the FOTA update strategy, right from the device up to the cloud OTA server,” said Rajaneesh Kini, CTO – Cyient.

“As the devices are becoming connected over wireless communication more and more, the Over The Air (OTA) update of firmware has come in handy and, as a boon, addresses all those challenges. This solution is secure, reliable, and resilient to successfully carry out an atomic update and automatic rollback with minimal device interruption,” added Kini.

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