Clix Capital to digitize collections business with Vymo

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Bangalore: Clix Capital will digitize its collections business with the help of Vymo – a sales engagement platform for financial institutions.

The loan provider Clix Capital will deploy Vymo’s platform to digitize its collections business. As part of this digitization process, over 350 frontline agents and managers across 15 states will use Vymo to automate payment collections and capture customer feedback.

Vymo‘s deployment will help Clix Capital’s business teams to get real-time visibility into field activities. Further, this will enable Clix Capital’s frontline agents to plan and optimise their engagement with agency partners as per priority.

The platform can dynamically allocate collection cases to managers and agency owners based on business rules to ensure maximum efficiency. Also, it will help the managers with ready reports and insights on collections performance and case closures.

“Vymo’s solution will help on three fronts. Providing vital information in real-time to improve the quality of customer engagement and collection, capturing the ground reality in a structured format to be consumed in AL and ML – driven Risk & Sourcing Scorecard. And Sharp Monitoring on input metrics of collections,” said Vishal Jain, Chief Collections Officer – Clix Capital.
Vymo’s integration with Clix’s core lending systems will provide a single-pane view of key business metrics of its agency network.

It provides a frictionless user experience for managers and frontline personnel who now don’t need to switch between multiple systems or cross-reference data across outdated and complicated applications.

“With this partnership, Clix Capital’s collections team will have access to best-in-class digital capabilities and functional expertise to increase efficiencies and be more productive,” said Rajesh Sabhlok, MD – Asia-Pacific – Vymo.  

Further, Vymo will provide contextually prescriptive intelligence through nudges, next-best actions and interventions. Thereby, teams can optimize various levers in the agency distribution channel to improve sales performance metrics and other related KPIs.

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