Clari unveils its new framework to address revenue

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Mumbai: Clari unveiled a Revenue Collaboration & Governance framework addressing the business’ top priority revenue. At the same time, the company announced the acquisition of a conversation intelligence software provider Wingman for an undisclosed sum.

Clari’s new strategic framework is purpose-built to allow executives to handle the increasing pressure of delivering on revenue, and to confidently answer the most important question in business: Are we going to meet, beat, or miss on revenue?

Wingman’s acquisition gives Clari’s category-leading Revenue Platform the unprecedented ability to analyse customer and employee conversations, extract valuable AI-driven insights, and reliably predict all revenue outcomes.

Founded in 2018, Wingman’s conversation intelligence tools help revenue-critical teams act at the moment when it matters. It was part of the prestigious YCombinator accelerator program.  

“When we first began to explore a partnership with Clari, we could clearly see a mutual focus on helping our customers win, in addition to having shared values and culture,” said Shruti Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Wingman.

“We are thrilled to have become part of the Clari family and cannot wait to build the future of technology for revenue teams,” added Kapoor.

“Revenue is a critical enterprise-wide process, without a strategic, unified platform. Until now,” said Andy Byrne, Co-Founder and CEO of Clari.

“Clari is the first to go beyond departmental, siloed approaches that create endless breakdowns in the end-to-end revenue process. We’re solving the most important problem in business–revenue leak, enabling revenue teams to achieve breakthroughs in revenue precision,” added Byrne.

Revenue Leak Crisis

Revenue leak is an increasing priority for global enterprises as they strive to secure their revenue streams and quickly reduce the negative impact of an economic slowdown.
Revenue leak (sales earned, but not realized) is the biggest “hiding in plain sight” problem in business—estimated by Boston Consulting Group to comprise over $2 trillion a year in missed revenue capture, sales waste, and lost enterprise value.

On average, companies leak 14.9% of their revenue, according to Clari data science teams. Clari Labs researchers identified over $26 billion in revenue leaks occurring per year across some 550 customers prior to using a Revenue Platform, causing a material drag on sales, growth, earnings, and company value.

Revenue Precision

In contrast, revenue precision is achieved when people, processes, and systems work seamlessly together. This allows for the full capture of revenue, predictably and repeatedly. Clari Labs researchers found that after just one year on Clari’s Revenue Platform, companies captured an additional $9.6 billion in revenue that would have otherwise leaked.
Revenue Collaboration & Governance
Working closely with the world’s most successful revenue leaders, Clari has developed and launched Revenue Collaboration & Governance, a strategic framework that brings together every revenue-critical employee in every department to collaborate on revenue, and governs every component of the revenue process for execution at scale.

By managing revenue as an enterprise process instead of an individual or departmental function, companies are able to stop revenue leaks, achieve revenue precision, and know with certainty if they’re going to meet, beat, or miss on revenue.

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