Bybit aims to be an infrastructure provider for decentralisation

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Dubai, UAE: The cryptocurrency exchange Bybit aims to be an infrastructure provider for decentralisation as it is investing in technology and projects for the decentralised world of the future.

Bybit is investing in blockchain technology that will drive revolutionary changes and prepare the world for decentralisation, the cryptocurrency exchange said on the sideline of an event in Dubai.

“We run a very successful exchange business, and we are able to invest in projects that will prove to be fundamentally revolutionary,” said Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications – Bybit.

“Bybit is the instigator and a major contributor of BitDAO — one of the world’s largest DAO in terms of treasury size,” added Terrenus.

Further, Terrenus informed that BitDAO has allocated hundreds of million dollars into blockchain gaming with Game7, Layer 2 scaling solutions with zkDAO, blockchain research with EduDAO and eight of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Web3 technologies need to mature before mass adoption could happen. But onboarding more people into the new space will contribute to a better technology stack and more opportunities.

Bybit wants to be the provider of the infrastructure for the transition into a blockchain-powered decentralised future.

“We see ourselves as a bridging agent to help people of all skill and knowledge levels to access web3 technologies and innovations they could use. We want to bring more people into the space because we truly see the value in that,” commented Terrenus.

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