Atlassian unveils two new products Atlas and Compass

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Bangalore: Collaboration and productivity software company Atlassian unveils two new products Atlas and compass during its customer and partner event Team 22.

Atlassian unveils two new products

Atlas is a teamwork directory. It pairs engaging 280-character project updates with a smart team directory to show the user what’s being worked on and why, who’s doing it, and how it’s all going.

It helps teams to track and communicate their work progress across the enterprise and understand how it all connects, regardless of what tool they use to get their work done.

Compass is a developer portal that helps teams tame the software sprawl every dev team experiences as they incorporate more tools, services, and open-source libraries into their tech stacks.

Compass offers a real-time view to developers of changes made to their software architecture, its impact, and the current health of components all in one place, without having to sacrifice the tools they want to use. It comes from Point A, an Atlassian program to create new products in collaboration with customers.

Investing in the Atlassian platform

To bring teams together, Atlassian is investing in the Atlassian Platform, a common technology foundation across its apps that connects teams – while allowing them to work with the tools of their choice.

The company announced two new capabilities from the Atlassian platform that help everyone in the organisation get flexible access to all their data with the Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics.

Atlassian Data Lake contains cross-product and cross-instance data for easy analysis with pre-modelled and enriched fields to speed up insight generation. It’s built on the enterprise-grade Atlassian platform ensuring privacy and security for its users.

Using technology from Chartio, a cloud-based visualization and analytics solution that the company acquired last year, the team built Atlassian Analytics, a simple, flexible hub that seamlessly connects to the Atlassian Data Lake and allows users to access data in a variety of ways.

According to Dinesh Ajmera, Site Lead and Head of Engineering – India, Atlassian, every team has its own unique way of working, and Atlassian products provide tons of flexibility to foster that uniqueness.

“Imagine a future where every team gets tailored recommendations on how to improve velocity, and every leader gets insights into how to improve overall team health. So work gets done smarter and teams unleash their full potential. That is the future we envision and will use Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics as building blocks to achieve this,” said Ajmera.

“With the launch of Compass, we continue to enable digital transformation and ease the toll placed on software development teams. I am equally excited about the future of Atlas and the impact this will have not only on our customers but our own teams as it connects the dots across teams, their tools, and their work – wherever it happens,” added Ajmera.

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