Apna leverages Google Cloud to build a jobs marketplace

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New Delhi: Indian jobs and professional networking platform Apna has chosen Google Cloud to build a cloud-based jobs marketplace. Apna is using a combination of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), BigQuery and Vertex AI to provide targeted networking and matchmaking for job seekers across India.

The platform wanted to enhance its operations for better results and it felt the need to be a cloud-native app that runs on affordable Android handsets. ability. The company also aims to strengthen its scalability provided by Kubernetes-based micro-services.

Through the collaboration, Apna aims to build its infrastructure on GKE-enabled agile interaction between all Google Cloud-managed services, as well as seamless Android compatibility, with the latest features and technology.

Google Cloud infrastructure has been powering Apna’s backend technology infrastructure and improving the experience for its over 22 million users majorly based in tier II and tier III cities in India.

“Through our association with Google Cloud, we have managed to reduce the time taken to create AI algorithms by 20%. Additionally, the team is also saving up to 40% of DevOps time through a combination of managed services,” said Shantanu Preetam, CTO – Apna.co

“Google Cloud has been supporting us in continuous app enhancements in order to provide a better user experience and bolster platform safety and security,” added Preetam

“In a situation where fraudsters constantly evolve methodologies, Apna is able to identify and remove up to 60% of inappropriate content on the platform daily, this has been possible with Google solutions such as Vertex AI,” explained Preetam.

Leveraging cloud-native capabilities in Google Cloud, including GKE, BigQuery and Vertex AI, Preeam said, they have managed to create a level playing field for millions of professionals in India’s rising workforce. “Google Cloud has been an important partner in our journey,” he emphasized.

“Apna leveraged Google Cloud’s ML and intuitive AI and has grown its user base to 22 million in just 3 years across 70+ cities enabling 80 million job interviews per month,” said Bikram Singh Bedi, MD – Google Cloud India.

“We are thrilled to support Apna in building the future of intelligent job searches on Google’s agile cloud infrastructure,” added Bedi.
With an influx of community-powered forums, there’s a potential risk of fraudulent job postings and some users bullying others. Apna uses Vertex AI to build ML models that can detect abusive or fraudulent behaviour based on keywords with high accuracy.

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