Airbus selects L&T Technology Services for Skywise

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Mumbai: Airbus has selected L&T Technology Services (LTTS) for its Skywise Partner Programme. LLTS said in a statement on Thursday.

LTTS said it will provide technology and digital engineering solutions to the Skywise platform of Airbus as part of the Skywise Partner Programme.

Globally, over 130 airlines are already connected to the Airbus Skywise platform. It is playing a very important role in enabling and pushing the digital transformation of the aviation sector as a whole.

Airbus developed and launched the open data platform Skywise for the aviation industry. Its sole purpose is to make the right information available at the right time. Skywise provides invaluable insights from the massive amounts of data that was previously locked in corporate and functional silos.

LTTS will support the airlines in the development of complex workflows, creation of new interfaces between their existing information systems and Skywise and also provide assistance in their digital transformation with Skywise.

LTTS has a set of highly experienced engineers and data scientists who will work exclusively on the Skywise platform. They will build solutions to address the digital transformation needs of airlines and the fast-expanding Skywise ecosystem.

LTTS’ demonstrated experience in building digital engineering platforms based on strong domain knowledge help strengthen the interdependencies these digital technologies are enabling.

“Airbus is one of our valued customers in the aerospace domain, a sector which offers tremendous potential for disruptive business opportunities” said Abhishek Sinha, COO and Member of the Board, L&T Technology Services.

“We are delighted to be selected as a partner for the Airbus Skywise programme. It’s a true reflection of our long-standing partnership with an important market leader like Airbus and our deep understanding of Airbus product development and customer needs” added Sinha.

LTTS has a track record of serving the aerospace landscape for over a decade, helping airlines and aerospace manufacturers maximize their return on investments (RoI) and increase quality and output.

Having forged strategic alliances with several Fortune 500 companies, LTTS has the strong technical knowledge, aerospace engineering expertise and skilled resources to drive innovation for aerospace and defence customers across the globe.

(Image source – AeroTime)

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