Air India Cargo to modernize cargo ecosystem with Unisys Digitics software

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Bangalore: Unisys Corporation today said that India’s national carrier Air India‘s cargo, will use its integrated logistics software suite Unisys Digistic to build a connected and automated cargo ecosystem.

The software will enable a consistent and accurate data across the organization from booking to accounting to help improve cash flow for Air India cargo and will create greater transparency around shipment status for the cargo clients.

Air India is the largest international carrier out of India and also provides ground handling services for many foreign airlines at Indian airports through its subsidiary. Air India’s cargo operations cover a network of 82 domestic and 41 international destinations.

Air India has being using Unisys technology for around 30 years, including the core Digistics cloud-based logistics management solution.

“Air India’s cargo business is growing fast, so we needed an integrated solution with the speed and flexibility to grow with our business and provide our customers with faster deliveries and greater visibility into their shipments,” said Nirbhik Narang, ED – Cargo, Air India.

“Unisys is helping us implement a next-generation cargo platform that uses automated real-time data collection and processing to streamline processes. As it is integrated with our accounting system it will enable prompt and accurate invoicing for carriage of cargo for better credit control, less bad debts and ultimately more cash flow,” added Narang.

Under the new contract, signed in second quarter 2019, the next-generation cargo platform will feature three additional Digistics modules on a software-as-a-service basis to streamline freight management and improve operational efficiencies.

These three modules are Digi-Accounting, Digi-Mobile and Digi-Analytics.

Digi-Accounting – an integrated cargo real-time revenue accounting and reconciliation solution designed specifically for an air cargo and ground handling operation that uses centralised data sets for a single and accurate view of operations and financial systems that in turn improves cash flow for the airlines.

It integrates with a carrier’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and industry-standard accounting systems including Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS), Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) and billing through IATA Cargo House (ICH) and non-ICH services;

Digi-Mobile – empowers cargo staff to be more productive using mobile devices to process shipments on the move at any location, such as an aircraft ramp, using digital signatures and bar code scanning via a smart phone so that Air India can process freight more quickly and securely.

It updates data in real-time by automatically exchanging data with systems, which prevents data errors and fraud while reducing shipment idle time for faster deliveries; and

Digi-Analytics – an online, managed service that provides rich, multi-dimensional, insightful and interactive data visualisations to highlight cargo patterns such as tendered cargo compared to bookings, anomalies and behaviours.

In addition, Unisys will provide a postal mail and parcel shipment scanning and tracking solution to allow the airline and customers to have full visibility of shipment progress.

“Our award-winning Digistics cargo software and services are the foundation behind Air India’s new connected cargo ecosystem. By automatically capturing and using a single data set throughout the process from booking to accounting, based on the trusted Air Waybill, Air India will be at the forefront of the cargo industry’s modernization and transformation to a connected cargo supply that will not only improve transparency for the airline’s customers, it will streamline processes and improve credit control and cash flow for the airline,” said Rick Mayhew, VP and GM – Unisys Asia Pacific.

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