and Grant Thornton dGTL form an alliance

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Mumbai – Bengaluru: Singapore-headquartered enterprise SaaS provider and Grant Thornton dGTL, the next-gen digital transformation venture by Grant Thornton Bharat announced a partnership.

This partnership aims to help create an ecosystem for consumer brands to better manage and streamline their distribution networks. The and Grant ThrontonGTL alliance aim to redefine how companies manage their distributor networks from beginning to end, bringing multifaceted benefits.

As part of the tie-up, Grant Thornton dGTL will collaborate with in scaling up its platform and aid global expansion by offering consultation, implementation, configuration and support.

Further, the collaboration between the companies will serve as a medium to simplify and streamline how companies onboard distributors. After the distributors are onboarded, they can opt for credit facilities from banking institutions that are already integrated with the platform.

On the other hand, the platform identifies risk scores associated with distributors and empowers companies to understand their financial health better.

“We are delighted to partner with Grand Thornton dGTL. I strongly believe that collective wisdom and a collaborative approach will define transformative interventions for delivering large-scale growth across B2B ecosystems,” said Raghunath Subramanian, Founder and Global CEO of

Grant Thornton dGTL’s experience in delivering sustainable business transformation, forward-looking, data-driven approach, and our robust technology will enable enterprises to streamline their supply chain and drive operational efficiencies,” added Subramanian.

“Along with dGTL, we will now accelerate our efforts in reaching out to large enterprises worldwide to empower them with our technology platform and embedded offerings. I trust this partnership to be a real game changer,” commented Subramanian.

“We are pleased to be working in partnership with, combining their dynamic service platform with our consulting expertise to help our clients redefine the way enterprises engage with business partners and shrink their operational cycles,” said Kalpana Balasubramanian, CEO and Chief Thinker of Grant Thornton dGTL

“Using the platform and dGTL’s digital transformation capabilities, clients can expect to achieve operational efficiency and improved productivity and be better positioned to drive sales. Our association with is the first step to building strategic capabilities and creating future-ready business models,” she added.

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