Accenture myWizard to power enterprise automation and innovation

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New Delh: Accenture has expanded the capabilities of its intelligent automation platform, Accenture myWizard, to help companies to disrupt every aspect of the application lifecycle and drive greater strategic business value. Accenture has bolstered the platform’s capabilities by integrating artificial intelligence (AI), automation, analytics and DevOps, through proprietary investments, technology enhancements and expanded ecosystem collaboration.

With over 50 patents and patent applications, Accenture myWizard enables organizations to move beyond driving productivity and cost reduction in their technology applications and focus on infusing greater speed and intelligence in their applications strategy, ultimately accelerating business growth and innovation.

“Executing a comprehensive intelligent automation strategy can significantly improve an enterprise’s business performance by harnessing the power of AI, analytics, agile and DevOps. We have expanded the capabilities of Accenture myWizard so that clients can up their game through automation and data-centric decision-making,” said Bhaskar Ghosh, Group Chief Executive – Accenture Technology Services. “Together with our leading workforce transformation and technology services capabilities, the enhanced Accenture myWizard platform forms our holistic approach to offer clients a comprehensive, intelligent automation strategy and helps enable them to create new value at any stage of their automation journey.”

Accenture myWizard is taking its AI capabilities to the next level by embedding intelligent automation and analytics into every step of the application lifecycle. This includes numerous industry-specific bots that apply AI to easily resolve unique industry scenarios. For instance, virtual advisor “Collette” uses cognitive science, AI and user-centered design to help establish customers’ lifestyle and preferences and provide tailored mortgage advice. She helps companies stay compliant by providing mandated credit counselling at a fraction of the usual cost – up to 95 percent less.

By capitalizing on the power of data and AI through Accenture myWizard, companies can build a data strategy that ensures reliable data capture, access and quality. With highly agile Data Lake repositories that hold vast amounts of structured, unstructured and raw data, Accenture myWizard pulls information from internal and external sources to not only reveal potential issues before they cause significant problems, but also to look at the root causes of the issues.

Accenture myWizard also integrates proprietary and third-party assets related to Agile and DevOps (such as Agile Scrum Master and Accenture DevOps Platform) to accelerate automation in new aspects of the application lifecycle and support continuous delivery. This further strengthens the intersection between development teams and operations teams, resulting in more predictable deployments to market and greater efficiency and enabling companies to sustain and create competitive edge, enter new markets and scale their business.

Besides proprietary investments, Accenture myWizard draws on leading technology ecosystem innovations. Leveraging its liquid, plug-and-play architecture, Accenture myWizard integrates AI solutions and other tools from alliance partners such as Amazon, Akamai, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Google/ TensorFlow, IBM Technologies, Microsoft, ServiceNow, SOASTA, Splunk, Tricentis and other open source tools. With more than 20,000 ‘off the shelf’ automation and IT assets, the platform acts as an integrator across numerous tools and client systems, providing a common data fabric that cuts across IT and business data.

Additionally, Accenture myWizard is now available in a service integration version, a micro-services architecture-based solution that can be deployed in a client environment, either on-premise or on the client’s private or public cloud. The platform’s flexible architecture easily connects with multiple data sources to gather important information, and intelligently provide insights that not only help in IT optimizations but also in delivering key business initiatives.

Introduced in 2016, Accenture myWizard has been deployed in more than 3,000 Accenture client engagements, resulting in an average of 60 percent organizational productivity.

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