3i Infotech and InsureMO to offer PaaS to enterprises

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Mumbai: Global IT company 3i Infotech and InsureMO, a global insurance middleware platform have formed a strategic partnership to offer PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) to enterprises. This partnership will help 3i Infotech to expand its services, offering implementation capabilities for the InsureMO platform which will help to modernise and transform the insurance providers’ offerings without changing their core solutions.

The InsureMO platform serves as a digital insurance middle office platform for a plethora of entities, including insurers, brokers, agents, channels, insurtechs, and startups. This positions them to enable use cases for any product and channel, granting insurance carriers the capability to not only modernise their systems but to also strategise better in terms of distribution.

The tie-up between 3i Infotech and InsureMO will enhance and pace up the transformative journey, synergising the competencies of both companies, and benefiting the customers with reductions in underwriting operational costs, quicker insurance product rollouts, and a streamlined DevOps cycle for the creation of microservices and web applications.

“As 3i Infotech embarks on a promising phase of growth, finding partners who resonate with our vision is paramount. With InsureMO, we believe we have found the ideal collaborator. Leveraging their advanced platform and our expertise, our goal is to introduce a pioneering and transformative digital PaaS solution tailored for enterprises,” said Rishi Agrawal, CTO of 3i Infotech.

“The digital transformation wave is altering business paradigms and customer interaction models. The BFSI sector, especially insurance, is amidst rapid evolution. We aim to spearhead this transformation partnering with 3i Infotech—a legacy bearer with decades of service to renowned clients globally—making this endeavor even more promising,” commented Anubhav Sharma, Global Head of Alliances, InsureMO.

This alliance will foster InsureMO’s mission to make insurance easy in line with an integrated effort from 3i Infotech’s competencies in terms of its services suite. Leveraging this will empower the insurance sector to effectively address the changing customer expectations, dynamic regulatory environments, and disruptive models.

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