Writesonic launches ChatSonic – an AI-led content creator

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Y-Combinator-backed Writesonic launches ChatSonic, an AI-powered content generation platform alternative to ChatGPT

Delhi: Samanyou Garg founded tech startup Writesonic has launched ChatSonic — an AI-backed content generation platform. It enables people to create content ten times faster than other AI-powered content creation engines, claimed the Y-Combinator-backed tech startup Writesonic.

Writesonic launches ChatSonican alternative to ChatGPT

Writesonic is changing the way organisations use AI to personalise the customer experience and drive engagement. On the lines of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has caused a stir in the last two months, Writesonic has launched its ChatGPT ChatSonic, a powerful tool that allows anyone to create engaging content quickly and effortlessly.

Is Writesonice’s Chatsonice GPT better than OpenAI ChatGPT?

Chatsonic claimed to have addressed some of the limitations and issues found in ChatGPT. According to Writesonic, OpenAI ChatGPT is an amazing tool, but users are frequently facing three issues. Firstly, it is unable to generate results on any topic after September 2021. Secondly, it is often down and thirdly it does not provide an API.

However, Writesonic claimed to have solved all of these problems by introducing ChatSonic. Since it is Google search integrated it is not restricted to 2021 data and offers information on the latest topics and boasts near-zero downtime.

Leveraging DallE and Stable Diffusion integrations

It provides AI image generation through DallE and Stable Diffusion integrations within chat and responds to voice commands just as Siri or Alexa do. Besides this, ChatSonic’s API allows businesses to easily integrate it with their own platform.

However, it is to be noted here — DallE is one of the deep learning models developed by OpenAI to generate digital images from natural language descriptions. Released in 2022, Stable Diffusion is also a deep learning, text-to-image model developed by CompVis group LMU Munich, Runway and Stability AI.

Given those limitations and issues, many users are now switching from unreliable ChatGPT over to ChatSonic for real-time information on any topic.

ChatSonic’s Google Chrome extension

In addition, to voice commands, ChatSonic has an extension for the Google Chrome browser. ChatSonic’s Chrome extension is proving to be very helpful for users as it displays ChatGPT-like responses alongside Google search results.

Additionally, Writesonic’s new chat platform can generate any kind of content, be it blog posts, emails, tweets, posts, product descriptions, ads etc., on any website like Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn and literally every website on the internet.

“ChatSonic has emerged as the best alternative to ChatGPT, surpassing all of its limitations,” said Writesonic’s Founder Samanyou Garg.

“In the last 3-4 weeks, ChatSonic’s user base has grown by 10X with hundreds of thousands of users using the platform every week. So far, ChatSonic has generated more than 3 million pieces of content that is equivalent to more than 1 billion words,” claimed Garg.

“In today’s busy world, it can be hard to break the writer’s block. That’s why we created a platform with a user-friendly interface that works for customers, businesses, organisations, and content creators alike. It allows them to easily create content with minimal human intervention,” added Garg.

More so, Garg informed Writesonice will be launching the ChatSonic mobile app on Android and iOS platforms this week.

The tech startup has raised $2.6 million in September 2021 in seed funding led by Soma Capital, US and 20 other investors. However, it is planning for a Series A/B funding round in the first quarter of 2023.

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