We Founder Circle invests $150,000 in CouchFashion

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New Delhi: We Founder Circle – a startup investment platform, has invested $150,000 in CouchFashion, a B2B fashion tech startup.

We Founder Circle has made an investment of $150,000 in Couch Fashion’s seed funding. Couch Fashion provides fashion specific image recognition technology and content network platform to e-commerce companies and fashion brands.

The startup has raised funds as a part of its seed round and plans to utilize the same in increasing product offerings to customers, increasing content partnerships, expanding team.

“After pandemic, one industry that has witnessed a boom in e-commerce. India’s e-commerce market alone is expected to grow $100 billion by 2023,” said Neeraj Tyagi, CEO and Founder – We Founder Circle.

CouchFashion AI-enabled style recommendation engine helps e-commerce giants to do exactly the same. Its technology solution recommends a variety of style options to user in real-time when they want to buy a product on these e-commerce platforms,” added Tyagi.

“We are glad that WFC believed in our model. Along with their funds, we are excited to have strategic investors onboard who along with their industry experience bring their business acumen to the table which will immensely help us to grow Couch Fashion globally in the coming years,” said Rohit Jaiswal CEO and CO-Founder, CouchFashion.

CouchFashion’s content commerce tools add value throughout the customer journey. Right from bringing customers to the e-commerce platforms, to inspiring them to make the right purchase, to increasing the purchase size, lowering returns, and re-engaging customers post-purchase or in case of abandoned carts.

As a part of its growth plan, CouchFashion aims at hiring multiple talented professionals across all departments. The startup is constantly strengthening its technology and content backbone which will enable it in associating with several international eCommerce brands by the end of next fiscal.

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