Arvog wants to invest in tech startups


Mumbai: Arvog, a modern tech-enabled diversified finance and venture growth investment company wants to invest in tech startups.

The company has announced its investment plans in cutting-edge tech startups.

The latest announcement will leverage the new-age investor’s portfolio by helping them expand into various segments and to get a better valuation for themselves.

Since the inception of Arvog Ventures two and half years ago, so far Arvog has invested in 27 tech startups.

As the Indian tech startup sector endures to grow and lead the country’s vision to be a 3 trillion-dollar economy, Arvog intent to plan a key role in the growth story.

Arvog aims to emerge as a strategic investor nurturing startups towards their growth plans.

It has recently invested in startups from various sectors such as Blu smart(mobility tech), Nemo – (neo bank industry), Dhurva Space (aerospace tech) etc.

However, the BSE listed investment and NBFC has not revealed which type of funding and size of the investment it aims to invest in tech startups.

“Considering the current scenario, Arvog has witnessed a lot of emergence in the Edu-tech space with respect to tech, something that the company has been doing for a decade,” said Priyank Kothari, Director-Operations – Arvog.

“Our first tech investment was about 21 years ago during the dot-com period. With any investment coming in, there are multiple factors that have to be considered. Every venture capital firm would have their investment pieces in line before getting into any kind of venture,” added Kothari.

“Through our investment strategies, we have fostered advancement for a couple of growth-based startups like Indi Energy, a company that is into producing lithium iron-based batteries that negate the need of contents for making solar or electric-based batteries for vehicular usage,” continued Kothai.

“This highlights Arvog’s overall thesis that revolves around the company’s vision of investing in brands armed with futuristic technology that will lead to a better and sustainable tomorrow,” concluded Kothai.


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