, India’s first AI-powered talent network startup brings multi-lingual support

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Bangalore: Startup is on its mission to disrupt the talent-opportunity market for the millennials and Gen-Z with its AI (artificial intelligence) powered, real-time talent network has gone a step further by launching the multi-lingual feature on its platform.

Now, on users can create profile in any language, employers can create opportunities in any language and professionals can apply in any language.’s AI rules are capable of interpreting the data in any language and seamlessly integrating it with the NLP and AI based recommendation engine. With the introduction of this new feature, has removed language as a barrier between a talent and an opportunity.

The feature would make it possible to tap the untapped market in India which do not converse in English, especially in tier-II, tier III cities. According to reports, less than 1% of the Indian population has medium to high speaking and writing skills in English. 70% of India’s total workforce is based outside tier-I cities where English speaking population is significantly low.

“A big chunk of the talent-pool is left out of the talent-opportunity ecosystem. This is just not right in a country with 500 million internet users and 550 million non English speakers. Every talent deserves a chance. Lack of a specific language skill should not kill livelihood dreams of millions of Indians. India will flourish and progress only when we will be able to bring in talents from every corner of the country into the ecosystem. Inclusive talent-pool is what India needs at the moment for its holistic development. We need to enable equal career opportunities for all,” said Jyotirmay Kanthal, Co-Founder

Speaking on the announcement, Rimjhim Ray, Co-Founder and Lead, Product and Marketing also pointed out, “Lack of fluency in English keeps people from using online solutions. While we have had a very successful response to our platform, we wanted to reach out and help a larger part of India’s young demography. By supporting multi-lingual content creation, further allows professionals from any part of India to consume and share career resources in native languages universalising opportunities.”

Mousum Dutta, an IIT KGP alumnus and Chief Data Scientist at stressed on the need of using technology for greater impact. “NLP algorithms and vocabularies are mostly built around English texts. What we are doing here through our multi-lingual integration is very significant – we are making technology language agnostic and using it to rise above regional barriers.”

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