Nexstgo upgrades its range of NEXSTMALL BIZ solutions

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Hong Kong: Nexstgo has improved its business solutions on the NEXSTMALL BIZ platform. It will provide a wider technology application strategy focusing on the business and commercial field.

These include one-stop professional IT services, remote conferencing and VPN security systems. Along with a range of branded NEXSTGO, VAIO and AVITA mobile computing products.

Nexstgo aims to ensure enterprises, irrespective of their size and sector can find the most suitable software and hardware solutions on its NEXSTMALL BIZ. And help businesses maintain the strongest performance under the continuously transforming business environment during the new year.

Comprehensively monitoring the network security of customers, providing the most robust backing of IT consulting services at any time. With the routinization of “new normal” working practices, remote-work, WFH, online and cloud-based processes have become ubiquitous.

Nexstgo has launched technological solutions specifically for network security management. That includes the installation of bank-level encryption software by Norton VPN for customers in business areas that require remote-work with a high level of integrated protection.

When customers access the Internet on public Wi-Fi hotspots, these systems provide safe and effective online privacy. With the Veeam data encryption backup system, customers can work in any environment confidently.

To enhance the provision of security technology strategies, the company is also launching further products on NEXSTMALL BIZ, including the latest Targus Docking Station, which supports multiple USB interfaces and screen configurations; Targus Privacy Screen Filter, designed to protect high-value information; and Targus Security Cable Lock that locks the connection end of the transmission line to protect valuable resources on the device.

Corporate clients who purchase designated VAIO notebooks on NEXSTMALL BIZ will also get the above-mentioned products and other valuable accessories designed to protect their business privacy. This enables customers to experience the most secure workflows, ensuring the business privacy of the whole organisation in the era of digital commerce.

As a strategic partner to SMEs, Nexstgo’s elite team also provides customers with professional IT support and technology operation consulting services, helping companies confidently achieve digital transformation and adapt to the “new normal”.

These supporting services undertaken by the professional specialist team handle inquiries regarding computer products and software systems, and provide product management and technical support.

Customers who purchase any NEXSTGO or VAIO laptop on NEXSTMALL BIZ with a subscription to a one-month IT support service will receive one-time free Data Migration support, allowing corporate clients worry-free activation of new computer equipment without affecting daily operations.

Customers benefit from the strongest backing brought by the Nexstgo team whenever they need it, for peace-of-mind and smooth business operations ensuring productivity and performance.

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