Mailchimp brings $1 million fund for developers, startups

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Atlanta, USA: Mailchimp said it is offering a $1 million Integration Fund to help developers create new integrations for its global small business customers.

The Rocket Science Group-backed Mailchimp launched Integration Fund last week to support software coders and startups in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis

Through this fund, Mailchimp wants to support software programmers and startups. It wants to invest in them to create tools that will help its small business customers be smarter and more effective with their marketing.

Mailchimp has invited applications from developers and startups who can create an integration with its Mailchimp platform. And provide advanced features via Mailchimp’s Marketing API for free to its users.

Eligible developers can submit an application through September 1, 2020. Once selected, developers will be offered financial support upfront, and on an ongoing basis to help them perform the work.

“Supporting developers with opportunities and resources, especially during this time, is critical to the success of our global small business ecosystem,” said Eric Muntz, CTO – Mailchimp.

“I understand the power of the developer community first-hand—Ben Chestnut offered me a job at Mailchimp after I built a BlackBerry integration called Mini Chimp,” added Muntz.

Muntz commented that investing in the developer community to create integrations that bring a small business’ data into one place will help them stay connected to their audience, market smarter and grow faster.

Mailchimp launched its first Integration Fund in November 2010 for startups building integrations for its APIs. Since then, 34% of its active customers have adopted integrations into their marketing.

The company is rebooting this fund during the COVID-19 crisis to offer financial support to the developers who help small businesses grow through their integrations.

Mailchimp also recently made significant improvements to the developer experience within its platform. Its new web experience for developers offers better documentation, code snippets, and user guides to make it easier for developers to use our APIs for Transactional Email and other marketing use cases.

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