GE Healthcare’s second cohort with six startups launched

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Bangalore: GE Healthcare’s India Edison Accelerator Startups launched its second cohort, with the enrollment of six health-tech startups – AarogyaAI, BrainSightAI, Fluid AI, InMed Prognostics, Wellthy Therapeutics and Onward Assist.

In its second year now, GE Healthcare’s India Edison Accelerator Startups is the first startup collaboration program based out of India. And is committed to mentoring and creating strategic partners to co-develop healthcare solutions alongside GE’s engineers and scientists.

GE Healthcare’s second cohort program focuses on technology solutions aimed at streamlining healthcare delivery across verticals.

– Advanced Imaging and Visualization, Precision Diagnosis and Treatment, Computer-aided Detection and Diagnosis, Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Remote Patient Monitoring, Virtual Hospitals, Data Management and Insights, and Asset Health Monitoring.

“The aim of this program is to harness the brainpower of the start-up ecosystem for developing solutions on the Edison platform for some of the toughest healthcare challenges existing today,” said Girish Raghavan, VP – Software Engineering, GE Healthcare South Asia.

“We are excited about the second Cohort of ‘India Edison Accelerator – Startups powered by GE Healthcare’ and the collaboration that we are already seeing between the startup community, our colleagues and the Edison platform itself,” added Raghavan.

The applications received were screened through a three-stage process and the shortlisted entries were evaluated based on the strength of the business idea/plan, maturity and the closeness to productise their solution, team capabilities and relevance to defined focus areas among others.

GE Healthcare’s India Edison Accelerator –Startups is providing a zero-equity cash-in-grant of $10,000 to each of the selected startups. In addition, they will have access to mentorship, skill development programs, commercial and regulatory guidance, and data provision as additional benefits.

  1. AarogyaAI: enables quick and accurate diagnosis of DR-TB so that the patient can be rightly prescribed effective drug combinations for treatment, instantly.
  2. BrainSightAI: is building an MRI-bases SAAS platform, which can transform how neuro-psychiatric disorders are addressed.
  3. Fluid AI: offers data driven solutions backed with AI analytics and insights that can help businesses take smarter decisions with respect to operations, sales, credit etc.
  4. InMed Prognostics: is an artificial intelligence and machine learning based MRI tool, helping neuro-radiologists, neuro physicians and psychiatrists understand the brain better and effects of different conditions.
  5. Wellthy Therapeutics maps the patient journey and plays a 24*7, continual real-time role to patients as a companion solution to help them manage their chronic conditions better.
  6. Onward Assist: is an advanced cancer prognostics platform for histopathologists and radiologists, building machine learning models to support decision making and improve outcomes.
    The first cohort which graduated in June this year included five impressive tech startups — 5C Network, DeepTek, Orbo, Predible and Synapsica. They successfully integrating their solution with the Edison platform, and the program continues to engage with them on taking their solutions to market through the alumini program.

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