GCR brings onboard Technology partner for two solutions on its Partners Platform

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New Delhi: Global Channel Resources India Pvt. Ltd. (GCR), a global online B2B “Partners Platform” – known for its SaaS connected IoT solutions and networking infrastructure solutions, announced its strategic alliance with one more Technology Partner to onboard two new tracking solutions Field Force Management and Asset Tracking on its partners platform.

These solutions are aimed to provide a platform for its technology partner to showcase and position the Field Force Management and Asset Tracking solutions, which will enable GCR’s Integration partners to offer these to various verticals like Education, Retail, Hospitality, BFSI, Manufacturing, and many more.

Elated with the strategic alliance for these two solutions Tony Tsao, Founder & CEO, GCR said, “Offering the just-right experience to the customer is increasingly becoming vital in the industry. Gauging the customer’s preferences continually is the crux to success. These two tracking softwares will certainly create a wave in the market that will build an improved customer service experience along with strong and collaborative alliance of MSPs/ISVs/SIs on our partner’s platform”.

It is clear that there is a need of a certain sense of discipline and streamlining of field operations. This is one of the reasons why it is important to automate certain tasks within field personnel and operations. GCR’s Field Force Management software comes with web-based access for command center and administration, and also a smartphone based user-friendly application for field personnel.

This is a perfect solution to manage field force effectively and increase their productivity. With various authentication mechanisms such as geo-tagging, location time and input validation, assigning task, expenses, approval process, and performance of the team can be measured on a real-time basis against pre-defined KPIs / KRAs. The software further helps in reducing errors in data gathering from remote sites.

“The latest solution is a tool for field force management and is an advantage to any of the industry or organization for greater collaboration among the field service staff, simplifying the core field scheduling and ensuring productivity,” said Amod Phadke, Sales & Marketing Director, GCR.

While managers/admin can track individual or team’s performance through numerous reports and dashboards available in the web application, it also enables a field employee to track his/her own performance through various reports, dashboards and assigned tasks status features available in the mobile app.

It enables to keep a record of all interactions and important data within a database, without you having to manually go through sales receipts, complaint slips, and other such details.

“The feature-rich Field force management solution empowers you to connected and in control all the time. It automates what can be automated and leave only the most human-human interaction left to your staff,” added, Phadke.

GCR’s IoT based Asset Tracking SaaS-enabled solution using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy); a new approach and implementation of new technology, enables industry/enterprise for their step towards digital transformation. This tracking solution provides key features like Asset Trace Log on a periodic basis and Geo Fence breach alerts. It also allows report to be transformed into actionable insights in real-time which in further helps to drive the operational efficiencies.

“We are excited to be partnered with GCR. They have an incredible team and a strong partner relationship to understand our objectives and can find not only the right channel friendly vendors more efficiently, but also can minimise our time to go-to-market. The key factor of GCR is that they have a revolutionary online partners’ platform where integration partner can find our SaaS enabled products and, in turn, lead us to the faster penetration in to their respective end-customers,” said Vijay Mysore, Technology Partner – GCR for Field Force Management and Asset Tracking Solutions.

Now get exact real-time and reliable info about location, movement, and maintenance status of the assets. Accurate quick knowledge of the current position for an asset/equipment; permanence time for an asset/equipment in any department; maintenance status of the equipment; detect for bidden transit from one department to another for some particular tools/assets are some of the advance features offered by this solution.

Further adding Tsao said, “These solutions would further help companies to reduce administration cost and increase productivity, and automate data integration which usually done with the help of cloud servers.”

Features of Field Force Management:

· Health-Safe Campus Tracking Solution
· Monitor & manage the movements across the campus
· Geo-fencing
· Daily Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and SoS escalation
· Security breach Alerts and Alarms
· Reports & Notifications
· Deviation and Violation Campus Governance

Features of Asset Tracking are:

· Real-time within premises tracking
· Alarms and zones alert
· Productivity monitoring
· Web console
· Mobile consoles

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