GajShield Infotech launch online Sales program

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Mumbai: GajShield Infotech has launched online Sales Certification Program for its business partners.

The company is conducting this program under its GajShield Online Academy for Learning Security (GOALS).

The virtual training program imparts business skills and sales techniques to business partners. It enhances their ability to win business, accelerate the sales cycle and drive customer satisfaction.

Through this initiative, GajShield’s aim to contribute as much as possible to its business partner community and help people across the globe safeguard against the latest cyber threats.

The GajShield Sales Essential Certification Program shows how technology can be smartly leveraged to facilitate the training process effectively and comprehensively.

“GOALS is an initiative to present an accessible self-learning platform to make our business partners conversant with GajShield’s products and solution offerings, technical capabilities, modules offered in the cybersecurity space and more,” said Sonit Jain, CEO – GajShield Infotech.

“It focuses on empowering our business partner community and young cybersecurity enthusiasts in the academia space, enabling them to get certified from a credible source,” added Jain.

Besides, the GajShield Sales Essential Certification Program available currently, the company gearing up to roll out a complete technical training program slated for October 2020.

The GajShield Sales Essential Certification is a well designed program for improving partners’ knowledge about the brand, its products and help them gain a deeper sales aspect understanding in just one day.

They are provided in-depth insights into the four GajShield security modules – Data Leak Prevention, Enterprise Cloud, Next-Generation Firewall and GajShield Email Security – as well as how they can bring value to a customer.

“We have devised an ideal approach to accomplish the objective of partner certification given the current scenario where social distancing and other precautions need to be followed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” added Jain.

After passing the GajShield Sales Expert exam, Partner account managers and Sales engineers are conferred with GajShield Sales Expert designation.

The GajShield Sales Essential Certification Program provides a thorough analysis of it’s business environment along with USPs of products and solutions.

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