Fujitsu brings Global Strategic Partner Academy program

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Tokyo, Japan: Fujitsu has launched a Global Strategic Partner Academy program to address critical IT skills shortages. Fujitsu’s ambitious program will offer training, re-training and experience-based development opportunities in collaboration with global partners on a virtual platform.

The company’s aim is to create a global community of digital specialists to help its customers overcome challenges in their sector and in society. So customers can ensure they remain at the cutting edge of technology innovation.

The IT industry globally today faces a huge shortage of people with digital skills needed for sustainable economic and social development. Demand is currently even stronger due to a widespread rebound for the global economy as the world looks ahead to the future easing of pandemic restrictions.

A recent World Economic Forum paper identified challenges across Europe, North America, Singapore and Australia and in China, the workforce gap now stands at 11.8 million workers annually.

The IT industry is facing a long-standing skills shortage challenge. A September 2021 survey from industry analyst firm Gartner confirmed that talent shortages remain the most significant barrier to technology adoption.

To address this challenge, Fujitsu – in collaboration with strategic partners namely ServiceNow, SAP, and Microsoft is launching its Global Strategic Partner Academy. The initiative represents a significant investment to equip employees to deliver innovative digital transformation for customers long into the future.

Fujitsu will open availability to existing and potential IT industry employees worldwide, providing recruits with lifelong skills development and career progression opportunities. As a result, it is lowering the barriers to entry in acquiring technology skills, promoting opportunities and support to socio-economic groups who may not normally consider careers in the IT sector.

“With the Academies we aim to create sustainability and improve society through technological innovation, in line with the UN’s goals in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” said Tim White, Head of Global Services Business Group – Fujitsu.

“By investing in people for the long term in this way, we democratize access to skilled digital jobs.Together – Fujitsu, our partners and our customers – we can jointly realize the full potential of the digital era,” added White.

For the academy, Fujitsu is closely working with strategic technology partners ServiceNow, SAP, and Microsoft. The academy will provide a focal point for the best practitioners of these technologies to continue to progress, equip and update their knowledge for future projects while strengthening Fujitsu’s overall service delivery capabilities.

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