Creator monetization startup TagMango raises Rs 5.5 crore

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New Delhi: Creator monetization startup TagMango has raised Rs 5.5 crore ($750K) in a seed round funding. Y Combinator, Kevin Lin (Twitch’s Co-founder), XRM Media, Pioneer Fund and Angel Investors from the USA & UAE province participated in this seed round funding.

The fund raised will enable TagMango to build tech capabilities and expand its creator base with a keen focus on Bharat.

The creator monetization startup TagMango provides business tools for creators to set up paid communities by providing one time and subscription-based services.

“With these funds, we are looking to build more and more features, hire top talent, and onboard the biggest creators that are in India and not just restrict ourselves to tier 1 cities but also tier 2 and tier 3 cities,” said TagMango’s two founders Divyanshu Damani and Mohammad Hasan.

“We deeply understand the passion that drives our tribe but more often than not it’s not coupled with avenues to sustain a living,” added TagMango’s founders.

The startup’s focus is on the creator-audience interaction space and aims to scale the Indian creators’ ecosystem. It wants to empower local creators with sophisticated monetization channels, tools, and features to build a sustainable business.

The India based creator monetization startup TagMango aims to foster the Indian creators’ ecosystem by offering an opportunity to build a brand-independent revenue stream, establish more meaningful interactions, and build a lasting community.

Over 3000+ organic creators have onboarded in the soft launch, among with 50 creators have a million-plus following and 200 creators with 100k+ following across social media platforms.

TagMango provides business tools for creators that includes exclusive content (podcast, video, and more), one-on-one with creators, video chats, and community hangouts to give the creators’ audience a more meaningful engagement avenue.

“We’re drawn to the TagMango team’s passion for helping creators. They’ve created a flexible platform for creators of India to explore more personalized avenues to make a living based on each creator’s unique relationship with their community,” said Kevin Lin, Co-Founder – Twitch TV.

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