Cloudflare’s new partner program to deliver Zero Trust solution

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Mumbai: Cloudflare’s new partner program will help partners deliver a complete Zero Trust solution. The company announced its new Cloudflare One Partner Program on Thursday.

Cloudflare’s new partner program enables partners to provide the architecture needed to keep today’s organisations secure while speeding up their devices, applications, and entire networks.

“Critical architectures like Zero Trust shouldn’t be complex, yet we hear every day from businesses that they don’t know where to start. That’s why we have modernized how partners can fully implement and deliver what organisations of all sizes need most today,” said Mathew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

The company said that its Cloudflare One Partner Program delivers a full set of best-in-class Zero-Trust capabilities combined with extensive partner services enablement.

With this program, Cloudflare has bundled what partners need to ensure any customer can have a simple deployment in just a few clicks, lightning-fast performance wherever their users are, and robust security across endpoints, networks, and email.

Cloudflare Channel Partners
Partners of all types, including resellers, distributors, master agents, and global system Integrators can help secure enterprises and mid-sized businesses irrespective of their users’ locations globally.

The Cloudflare One Partner Program has been shaped by Cloudflare’s fast-growing relationships with AVANT, IBM Security, Opticca Security, Rackspace Technology, TD Synnex, Wipro, and more.

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