Chennai startup SP Robotics launches ‘Makers Lab’ to boost robotics & IoT

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Chennai: SP Robotics, a provider of latest technologies such as robotics, IoT (Internet of Things) through a structured learning experience, has announced the launch of ‘SP Robotics Maker Lab’ , a first of its kind platform, empowering young entrepreneurs to boost innovation in the fields of Robotics and IoT in the country. ‘Maker Lab’ is currently active in thirty locations, across India –Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pondicherry and others in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.

With an opportunity of 500+ Maker Labs in India, creating an amalgamation of the best of STEM Education, STEAM Education, Robotics Institute, Maker Space, and Innovation Lab, SP Robotics along with its Franchise Partners aim to create a revolution in robotics education through its MAKER LAB model and making it more accessible.

SP Robotics Maker Lab is the platform where the young Indian talent (school and college students) will step-in to learn practically, using Robotic kits and IoT (Internet of Things) kits, Image Processing, Virtual Reality (VR) and more, about the latest developments in the fields of Robotics and IoT, through the smart-class enabled lab setup. The smart class is extensively designed to detect the understanding and measure skills of every individual. The concepts are taught using animation videos and real-time examples helping students easily visualize and understand the important concepts, followed by practical implementation of the same using the robotic kits in the lab. Besides becoming a Certified Roboteer, the students also get an opportunity to display their Robots in various communities and forums through SP Robotics Community.

Sneha Priya, co-founder of SP robotics said, “Our mission, to be the gateway to explore technologies and showcase innovations from people of all ages, helped us in creating a model (SP Robotics Maker Lab). This mission of ours cannot be achieved by a single entity – but collectively with like-minded people around, we can do wonders. We have created a scalable, customer-focussed with high quality and easy-to-execute model of SP Robotics Maker Lab, that can be taken up by any aspiring, like-minded entrepreneur (no need of any tech background) to start a business in just a couple of days and focus on creating opportunities for their society while we take care of the technicalities.”

Pranavan, co-founder – SP Robotics added “Like how computer revolutionized the industries, robotics and automation have already started doing the same at a very different scale. People are required to know the latest technologies – the know-how with practical skills. Now, with our maker lab, every individual will have access to learn such technologies at a highly comfortable price with practical experiments. We also provide opportunities to apply the learnings in industry level projects, competitions and more – transforming a young mind to a professional creative thinker!”

The company offers this Maker Lab in a franchise model where any individual, aspiring home-maker or fresh engineering graduate or management graduate or the ones who quit IT job and looking to create an impact, can now own the lab and get an opportunity to become an entrepreneur, contributing to the nation’s growth by providing the right skills to future generation, creating innovators across all parts of the country and make technology education more accessible.

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