AI startup Arya’s autonomous Deep Learning systems are playing major roles in BFSI segment

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Mumbai-Bangalore: Artificial Intelligence (AI) starup is quietly transforming the core applications of leading BFSI brands with Vega, its Deep Learning and Neural Network platform.

VEGA is an end-to-end solution that simplifies complex AI processes into plug-and-play ease. Any parts of the product can be extracted to fit the specific needs of a client enterprise or a developer with unprecedented flexibility. counts the largest banking and financial institutions as its clients offering them seamless deployment of technology for tasks such as claim processing, digital fraud detection such as with credit cards and digital banking, underwriting and cheque processing. The company helps clients from the ground up – from strategising and planning through to deployment and maintenance and subsequently to further machine learning for even more efficiency.

“Using Arya’s robust AI techniques to handle large claim processes for a Health Insurer the Mumbai headquartered firm has reduced claim processing time from 48 hours to less than 0.4 seconds and cut down revenue leakage,” said Deekshith Marla, Co-founder of, describing an example of the use of VEGA.

Some of the platform’s most compelling features include a GUI framework which makes it easy for beginners to build complex Neural Networks; automated data science tasks that best fit the client network, optimising and organising of data science resources for easy scaling, and robust ways to create inferencing systems for client models – feature APIs or end-task APIs. In this way,’ reduces up to 60% of resources required in building new and custom Deep Learning solution from scratch.

Client companies can choose to work with the VEGA platform using their own in-house expertise and resources, but should this be a constraint, they can also choose to work with specific modules, an approach which is practically plug-and-play and far less complex. has an extensive apps eco-system using Deep Learning. Through standalone enterprise apps on the platform, businesses can train ‘agents’ directly by just giving training data for the specific task in the business. These modules can learn autonomously and optimise for better performance on specific data.

“The second half of 2018 promises to be an eventful one for Arya as many more projects go live, the team is expanded and our company moves to a new location In Mumbai in addition to adding an office in London,” said Vinay Kumar Sankararapu, Co-founder who was among Forbes Asia 2016 top 30 under 30 techpreneurs.

Industry body NASSCOM’s centre for excellence in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence has bestowed with the AI Game Changer Award for creating Innovative Applications in AI along with some of the biggest names in the business.

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