AI based partner search startup raises $500,000 from angel investors

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Bangalore: — India’s first of its kind “true compatibility” partner search product startup, today announced a secured seed funding of $500,000 through angel investors that include Shailesh Rao, Former MD – Google India, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Alumni like Vinay Subramanian, Flipkart’s former Investment Director – Rehan A Khan,  FirstPenguin Capital, and other senior leaders from Google, Uber and Amazon.

The startup has raised about $750, 000 till date, and the current round of capital will be utilised in building AI capabilities, while continuing to invest further in technology and talent.

“We are thrilled to bring on board a team of investors that share our vision for a future where artificial intelligence will bring predictability to people on finding their perfect partners and transform relationships,” said Pawan Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, “The AI revolution is bringing better decisions in every industry, be it it self-driving cars, ecommerce, music or watching videos online; and transforming the matchmaking space is something we’re super-excited about.”

“The Betterhalf team is building a platform and technology that has the potential to significantly disrupt the matchmaking space. I am impressed by the founders’ ability in building a strong team and culture as well as executing in a superior manner,” said Rehan Khan, Investor – FirstPenguin Capital.

The current serious partner search and matrimonial sites use one matching model, or random matching with no personalizations or information about past data of relationships. Whereas, Betterhalf leverages AI based on relationship data of millions of couples worldwide and provides a combination of personalized stress-free experience, targeted subset of matches, and quick turn-around time to find compatible partners.

Two MIT USA Alumni, Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev founded in 2016.

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