Zinq ZQ1200 – a wired mouse keyboard combo

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New Delhi: ZinQ Technologies has announced its latest product the Zinq ZQ1200 – a combination of a full-sized wired keyboard and an ambidextrous mouse. It’s a two-in-one device for PC users as it saves money spent on two separate devices.

Zinq ZQ-1200, a spill-resistant wired USB keyboard and mouse – all comes as one device. It is available at a very attractive and affordable price of ₹499 and offers desk space for work and play.

This long wired black coloured combo device offers superior responsiveness with its Plug & Play connectivity, making it easy to move around the desk and work with it. Besides the keyboard offers a balmy typing experience with its soft press, noiseless keys and also has a Rupee Symbol (₹) key.

Even the mouse has equally engaging features. It has a 1600 DPI which is also an appropriate setting for gaming and comes with a long USB cable allowing ample space to adjust as per user comfort.

The powerful optical sensor makes it surface friendly. But its USP lies in its ambidexterity, i.e., it’s an equally utilitarian device for a left-handed user as it is for a right-handed user. Despite all of this, the combo has a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

“Efficiency is key. ZinQ’s focus on lifestyle improvement via tech helps us to brainstorm in deducing answers to our consumers’ often raised queries. The ZQ1200 is a combo targeted at professionals who are conformed to desk jobs that require copious hours of PC usage,” said Arnav Mutneja, Founder and CEO – ZinQ Technologies.

“It has been combined to reduce a user’s time spent online searching for the right pair of keyboard and mouse. There are a lot of features that one can use to his/her advantage,” added Mutneja.

The ZinQ ZQ1200 combo of a wired keyboard and mouse is available online on the Amazon India portal.

(Image credit – ZinQ Technologies)

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