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F1 Info Solutions and Services offers support for Google Pixel

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Bangalore: Flipkart’s subsidiary and service arm, F1 Info Solutions and Services, has announced a collaboration with Google to provide customer support for Google Pixel phones. The company through a centralised repair centre in Noida and also through walk-in service centres across 27 cities in the country will provide customer support for Google Pixel phones.

Customers can go to these service centres and get their issues resolved or obtain information about the features of their Pixel device. If their device needs physical repair, this will be done through the centralised repair centre in Noida.

The walk-in centre will securely pack and ship the device for servicing, post which, users will be communicated, until their device is repaired and returned to them at the centre.

Over the years, F1 Services has invested in training and building a robust pool of qualified technicians to ensure enhanced after-sales services are provided to its customers. F1 Services technicians have been trained by experts from Google to service Google Pixel phones.

“Understanding the challenges faced by customers grappling with a shortage or poor quality of after-sales service, F1 Services has focused on establishing a comprehensive and customer-centric after-sales service network,” said Dr Nipun Sharma, CEO of Jeeves Consumer and F1 Info Solutions and Services, Flipkart Group.

“We are delighted to be selected by Google Pixel as their customer care service provider to provide end-to-end after-sale services for Pixel phones,” added Sharma.

Further, “With 28 walk-in service centers and a centralised repair center, users of Google Pixel will now have access to seamless after-sale services from skilled professionals. This collaboration reinforces F1 Services’ expertise in delivering exceptional after-sale services to elevate the customer experience,” added Sharma.
F1 Services has a deep network of proprietary services and partner networks. It provides a wide range of comprehensive after-sales solutions such as repair, maintenance, installation, demo, and VAS (Value-added service), including protection and extended warranties, inbound, outbound, and non-voice customer care services spanning 40+ product categories.

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