Adata brings powerful hard drive HD710 Pro

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ADATA Technology, one of the world’s largest vendors of DRAM Modules and USB Flash drives launched HD710 Pro hard drive to keep your data safe and secure from getting damaged. If you need backup for your digital data, the external hard drives are your best bet. It is an indispensable device in today’s information age.

External hard drives are portable and can help to transfer huge amounts of data from one place to another. However, data in the hard drives can be damaged if they are dropped. But do not worry as the Adata HD710 pro external hard drive offers complete protection from shocks, if dropped from height. The hard drive has three primary layers of tough silicone coating, strong shock absorbing buffer and a robust plastic shell that will holds the device completely in place.

The information in the hard drive can be lost if it comes in contact with water. Hence, it becomes important to choose a hard drive that is rugged and can give you that extra bit of protection to keep your data safe in any kind of environment, so keeping the customers convenience in mind It is made water resistant and dust-proof.

The Adata HD 710 pro has a convenient storage feature for the detachable USB cable. This can prevent the cable from getting misplaced or cluttered. So no more loss of data or damaged hard drive. This brand has won highest mark of excellence by the Taiwan Excellence Award offered by Bureau of Foreign Trade supported by TAITRA.

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