Unravel Data onboards Microsoft’s executive Zia Mansoor

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Bangalore: DataOps observability platform Unravel Data announced that the appointment of Microsoft’s executive Zia Mansoor to the company’s Board of Directors.

Mansoor currently serves as Microsoft’s VP of Data and AI, and has extensive expertise in go-to-market strategy. He’s providing product and solution leadership across operational databases, analytics, AI/Machine Learning, data governance, and business intelligence solutions. 

“We are excited to welcome Zia to our Board. He’s had tremendous success enabling customers to build efficient and scalable solutions while instilling a strong data culture within organisations. His appointment reflects our strong relationship with M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, a key investor in Unravel,” said Kunal Agarwal, CEO of Unravel Data.

“We look forward to working together as Unravel continues to help organisations efficiently deliver data outcomes and effectively control skyrocketing cloud compute and storage costs,” added Agarwal. 

Mansoor has held various positions at Microsoft for the last 15 years. Prior to his current role leading Worldwide Data and AI commercial business, he led Microsoft Canada’s largest team of technical professionals as VP of Customer Success.

He has helped numerous organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud and realise potential across all Microsoft commercial solution areas, including modern workplace, Azure (app development and infrastructure, data and AI), business applications, and security. 

“I am excited to work with Unravel Data, which has proven itself to be a fast-growing data observability company. Alongside my fellow advisors, I look forward to helping drive innovation in its data operations solutions. I have long admired the team, their work, and how they are leveraging AI to meet the growing opportunities for the modern data stack,” said Zia Mansoor. 

Data pioneers Kunal Agarwal and Dr Shivnath Babu founded Unravel Data. The DataOps observability platform understands that the exponential growth of data combined with the broad adoption of the public cloud requires an entirely new way to manage and optimise the data pipelines that support the real-time analytics needs of today’s data-driven enterprises.

Numerous Fortune 100 companies, including two of the top five global pharmaceutical companies and three of the top 10 financial institutions in the world, rely on Unravel Data to gain unprecedented visibility across their data stacks, proactively troubleshoot and optimize their data workloads, and define guardrails to govern costs and improve predictability.

Customers who have deployed Unravel have been able to double the productivity of data teams and ensure data applications run on time while scaling costs efficiently in the cloud.

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