SUSE releases SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.0

SUSE’s 2.0 release to speed up software production

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Nuremberg, Germany: SUSE’s 2.0 release to speed up software production for enterprises and in turn speed up innovation. SUSE has announced the availability of SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.0 this week.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.0 will help enterprises deliver meaningful software projects that will up the innovation pace.

“Providing full application lifecycle automation, the platform enables enterprises to shrink release cycles from months to minutes, which in turn enables them to continuously improve customer experiences and dramatically increase the agility of their business.”

SUSE – President of Engineering, Product and Innovationote, Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo wrote in a blog post announcing SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.0 release.

SUSE’s 2.0 release contains a latest Kubernetes Operator that makes the Cloud Foundry based platform deployment and management easier on Kubernetes infrastructure.

This 2.0 release is simpler to install, operate and maintain with Kubernetes platforms for both on-premises and in public clouds. For existing Cloud Foundry users it enabled a transition to modern Kubernetes-based architecture.

SUSE has made enhancements in 2.0 release. It made the platform’s web-based management console easier and simpler for management of applications with enhanced security powered by Helm3. It has a new workload view that provides deeper insights into applications and their deployment settings.

SUSE’s 2.0 release leveraged Helm3 to beef up the security and reduced threat surface with the exclusion of Tiller – a server-side component used in Helm 2, which pulled off access control directly to Kubernetes.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.0 delivers high productivity developer experience to users leveraging and incorporating many of upstream technologies.

These include KubeCF, a containerized version of the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime designed to run on Kubernetes, and project Quarks, a Kubernetes operator for automating deployment and management of Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes.

“By building from the upstream KubeCF project and incorporating new Kubernetes features regularly and incrementally, SUSE enables current Cloud Foundry users to take advantage of new Kubernetes capabilities now and speed their transition to a Kubernetes architecture,” added Di Giacomo in his blog post.

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