ArvanCloud eyeing SMEs in India with CDN, VOD offerings

ArvanCloud eyeing SMEs in India

Mumbai: Global cloud services provider ArvanCloud is eyeing SMEs in India with its CDN (content delivery network) and VOD (video-on-demand) solutions.

Based in Meerbusch-Germany, ArvanCloud entered the Indian market in June 2020 with the launch of two pop-sites in Mumbai and Delhi. The company also has plans to add three more pop-sites in India this year.

ArvanCloud’s progress in India

“In 2021 we are trying to launch new pop-sites in Pune, Chennai and Kolkata which we plan to accomplish by late 2021,” ArvanCloud CEO and Co-Founder Pouya Pirhosseinloo told

Since the launch of two pop-sites in India last year, ArvanCloud has managed to gain 1000 SMEs as its customers.

Although the cloud services market in India has been expanding multi folds over the past years. The Iranian cloud services company has been largely eyeing the Indian SME (small-mid sized enterprise) segment.

According to Pirhosseinloo, ArvanCloud wishes to make cloud solutions available and affordable globally while maintaining their quality and reliability.

ArvanCloud eyeing SMEs in India

“And on the other hand, our solutions pricing method is pay-as-you-go, our target audience in India is small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, we have targeted those businesses that might not be able to use cloud solutions otherwise,” he explained.

The company last November rolled out special offers like 10 GB of free storage to help small and medium-sized businesses and 50 GB of free traffic for VOD CDN customers in India. It aimed to help SMEs having tight budgets amid the COVID-19 crisis and benefit them with its CDN services.

Goal to increase in customer base in 2021

“Since ArvanCloud is a new player in the already clustered cloud market of India, we have kept our expectations low. Since the launch of our first pop site, we managed to attract over 1000 SMEs in India. We hope to increase this number by 100 per cent by the end of this year,” said Pirhosseinloo.

About cloud offerings in India, Pirhosseinloo stated that CDN followed by VOD are the company’s leading solutions in the market.

Push for CDN, VOD solutions

“We are also focusing on our live streaming and object storage in this market. Since our cloud DNS is a free solution, it has been welcomed very well in the market,” he said.

“We are trying to attract early adopters for VoD and CDN, but we hope in 2021 and 2022 our market development gain momentum. ArvanCloud is developing its free solutions and for this, we hope our customers increase in numbers especially in CDN and in the next step in Arvan object storage,” added Phirhosseinloo.

ArvanCloud’s strategy and approach in India

In terms of ArvanCloud’s strategy and approach in India, Phirhosseinloo said his company’s strategy around the world is to provide reliable cloud solutions to its users and customers.

“And for that, we take any opportunity to develop infrastructure and have a mixed approach towards developing infrastructure,” explained Phirhosseinloo.

“In India, as well, we have our pop-sites on lease. We adopt any option that enables ArvanCloud to provide the best service for its clients,” he informed.

Plans and local partners in India

The integrated cloud infrastructure company is very clear about its customer base in India, which is mainly SMEs. Although it operates on a lease-based business model, Phirhosseinloo hints to have the company-owned infrastructure in India.

“We have plans to develop our infrastructures in India during 2021 and 2022. Meanwhile, we have set to increase our customers by at least 100 per cent this year,” he revealed.

The company mainly offers CDN and VOD solutions in the Indian market but has plans to expand its solution offerings. The company has over 40 pop sites globally and offers solutions to customers in more than 38 countries.

“For India, ArvanCloud wishes to make some other solutions available including live streaming and object storage in order to diversify our solutions in the market,” added Phirhosseinloo.

As ArvanCloud eyeing SMEs in India with at least a 100 per cent increase in customer base in 2021. It also wants to have local business partners in India.

“One point to consider is that we do not go for physical presence in countries of focus. Still, we are interested in having a powerful local partner in the business and we are negotiating for this,” concluded Phirhosseinloo.

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