Swascan discovers vulnerabilities in SAP’s web applications

Via Roma, Italy: Swascan Cyber Security Research Team has discovered several vulnerabilities of critical level related to SAP’s IT infrastructure.

Swascan’s experts have isolated some high level criticalities that could have potentially compromised SAP.

Following the first phase of identification, a detailed Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure was drawn up where the vulnerabilities found were highlighted.

These, in the hands of criminal hackers, could have caused damage to SAP in the field of data and information security and business continuity.

There after, Swascan immediately made contact with SAP to inform them about the discoveries and set up an effective remediation activity designed to close the identified criticalities.

“Because we live in the era of Cyber Crime as a Service, threats and vulnerabilities are growing exponentially. Those who have the task of protecting business infrastructures and consumers can no longer remain locked up in their own silo of expertise,” said Swascan’s Co-Founder, Pierguido Iezzi.

“Openness to external know-how and experience has become a must. This is the spirit in which Swascan’s team worked with SAP,” added Iezzi.

Pierguido Iezzi and Raoul Chiesa founded Swanscan, which is claimed to be the first cloud-based Cybersecurity Testing platform that allows to identify, analyze and solve the vulnerabilities of websites and information infrastructure.

The Swascan Cyber Security Research Team’s analysis of the criticalities showed potential risks in the field of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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