One in 10 gamers have had their ID stolen: report

One in 10 gamers have had their ID stolen: report

Mumbai: One in 10 gamers (12%, ~179 million globally) have had their ID stolen – which could be worth as much as $347 billion globally, according to according to Kaspersky commissioned study.

This new Kaspersky commissioned research and conducted by Savanta in November 2020, looked at the state of global gaming in 2020.

According to the surveyed 5,031 gamers across 17 countries, one in 10 gamers have had their ID stolen and nearly a fifth (19%) have also been bullied while playing.

This worrying trend is even more prevalent in the Russia (44%), Saudi Arabia (27%), Turkey (28%) and the US (27%).

Worse still, a third (33%) gamers have suffered at the hands of cheaters. All of these combined cause stress and anxiety in 31% of them. This is disappointing as stress relief is the very thing the majority

of them (62%) go to gaming to remove, as well as thrills (62%), and then friendship (46%).

“When gaming, it’s important to consider from the outset, how you can best avoid or handle bullies, cheats and hackers. Acting on this early means you can put many of those fears to the side and focus on enjoying the game,” said Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing – Kaspersky.

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