Fujitsu predicts 2019 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence

New York, US: Japanese technology giant Fujitsu predicts that 2019 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In 2019, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will move from hype to delivering transformative benefits to retailers.

“We believe it is time for AI in retail to overcome its reputation as an overhyped technology and start truly transforming the in-store experience. This will deliver tangible benefits for shoppers and retailers alike,” said Richard Clarke, VP & Executive Director – Global Retail, Fujitsu.

“At this year’s NRF event, we are showcasing emerging technologies that can be implemented today by retailers to improve in-store experiences. From reducing self-checkout fraud in the supermarket to improving the fitting room experience, we are deeply integrating AI to create more enjoyable in-store experiences for shoppers, which in addition enable retailers to reduce costs,” added Clarke.

Fujitsu’s solutions are leveraging emerging technologies such as AI to help retailers solve some of their most pressing challenges. Ready-to-deploy technologies from Fujitsu fully support the customer journey and are suitable for the full spectrum of retailers, from grocers to fashion stores.

The solutions are designed to empower retailers to improve shoppers’ in-store experience and help drive down operational costs, for example through reducing losses from self-checkouts.

Fujitsu is enabling retailers to make breakthroughs in 2019 through the more effective exploitation of AI, helping close the gap between brick and mortar and online stores to optimize the omnichannel experience expected by today’s customers.

New solutions that deeply integrate AI provide disruptive innovation opportunities, enabling the retail industry to further improve the in-store shopping experience. AI is also the key enabler for a powerful new innovation that is cutting fraud at self-checkouts – without impacting on the experience for honest shoppers.

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