Wipro and Celonis to launch Global Celonis Centre


New York, USA – Bangalore, India: IT services company Wipro and Celonis will launch the Global Celonis Center. The centre will drive operations transformation for clients.

This partnership will leverage the Celonis Execution Management System and Wipro’s expertise across finance, human resources, and supply chain management.

The centre will help customers to work with digital twins of business processes to monitor, standardize and control them. Additionally, they can identify and remove efficiency, effectiveness and experience barriers and reap the benefits of intelligent, data-driven execution. This will lead to superior customer experience, enhanced business value and operational cost reduction.

The Global Celonis Centre aims to provide a critical boost to global enterprises recovering from the impact of COVID-19. It will help re-build organisational resiliency through operational transformation. It will help enterprises usher a new operating model without disrupting their long-term IT investments.

“The strategic partnership with Celonis will enhance our capabilities in these crucial areas and reaffirm our role as a trusted partner for operations transformation,” said Praveen Gulabrani, GM and Global Head, Enterprise Operations Transformation, iCORE – Wipro.

“This collaboration allows us to gain unparalleled insights and a clearer view of the overall organisational processes giving us the ability to implement corrective transformation levers that make processes more efficient,” added Gulabrani.

The partnership between Wipro and Celonis will help customers access tools and capabilities including new outsourcing models for data operations-as-a-service as well as real-time process intelligence. This strategic collaboration will boost value for enterprises and help increase their competitiveness.

“By combining Wipro’s expertise to drive SaaS-based cloud transformation and Celonis’ market-leading process mining and execution management capabilities, customers will be able to accelerate their digital transformation journeys,” said Amit Puri, VP and Global Head – BPO and Managed Services, Celonis.

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