Whatfix simplifies BMC Helix adoption

Whatfix simplifies BMC Helix adoption

Mumbai: Whatfix has announced a joint innovation with BMC Software. This joint innovation will enable integrated, guided self-help for BMC Helix solutions – a cloud-native, micro-services-based platform. It helps companies enhance, extend, customize and integrate new ITSM and ITOM capabilities through REST APIs.

This allows BMC Helix platform users including agents, operators and end-users can better learn about and self-solve for all the features of the solution set without leaving the user interface. BMC Software is a provider of IT solutions for an autonomous digital enterprise.
“The robust digital guidance technology from Whatfix is integrated directly into the BMC Helix screens so customers can learn what they need for the task at hand,” said Angela Whitney, Director, Information Design and Development – BMC Software.

“The development effort focused on delivering context-rich, aggregated content with ‘one-click’ guidance, so BMC Helix users can maximize the solutions’ capabilities and streamline the learning curve for new users,” added Whitney.

Along with the BMC Helix persona-based user interface and experience, the development focused on tightly integrating guided tours to streamline on-boarding, training, content creation, optimal use of new features, and much more.

“The work with BMC was centred on seamlessly incorporating best-of-breed digital guidance within the BMC Helix user interface,” said Khadim Batti, CEO and Co-Founder, Whatfix Inc.

“We are proud to have co-innovated and established a Digital Guidance Center of Excellence within BMC Helix, resulting in innovative content aggregation solutions that help users maximize their efficiency with the solution,” added Batti,.
Whatfix is a digital adoption solutions (DAS) provider that alters traditional application training, learning and support content into digital and interactive.

As part of the evolving collaboration, Whatfix has become a BMC MarketZone Partner, providing the option for customers to deploy a customised version of Whatfix on their own BMC instance.

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