Trend Micro, NTT DOCOMO to build new solution for 5G era

Hong Kong, China: Trend Micro Incorporated, a global cybersecurity solutions provider today announced a partnership with NTT DOCOMO to develop a new solution for the demands of the 5G era. The technical verification of a network security solution, specifically for network function virtualization (NFV) and the cloud are underway now. This solution is built upon the recently announced Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS) on NTT DOCOMO’s “docomo 5G open cloud.”

The “docomo 5G open cloud” is a 5G technology verification environment provided to business partners for the purpose of creating a new solution in the 5G era. Trend Micro VNFS is the network security solution that implements network security functions on virtualized environments such as NFV and cloud, and can dynamically apply the necessary security functions for each IoT device.

Through this technical verification, Trend Micro confirms the effectiveness of the product’s security measures in the 5G environment. NTT DOCOMO confirms the effectiveness of the measure using the network security in the 5G environment and the effectiveness of the business that provides the security function as a value added service.

Specifically, these solution work together when the Trend Micro VNFS executes on “docomo 5G open cloud.” Then the security threats hidden in traffic of various services executed on the cloud are visualized, detected, and ultimately blocked by Trend Micro. This provides a secure 5G environment to users and protect against IoT devices that don’t incorporate additional security.

Trend Micro and NTT DOCOMO will promote technical verification with a view to starting to provide new solution with added security for the 5G era coming in 2020.

“NTT DOCOMO welcomes this announcement. Through “docomo 5G open cloud,” NTT DOCOMO intends to further strengthen collaboration with partners in various industries and create a new solution in the 5G era. We believe that security is an important factor to provide users safe 5G environment services. Trend Micro VNFS has a very high affinity with “docomo 5G open cloud” such as high-speed large capacity, traffic processing performance required for low delay traffic and flexible security. We believe that Trend Micro VNFS will be an effective security solution in the 5G era,” said Tomoyoshi Oono, SVP / GM – Innovation Management Department, R&D Innovation Division, NTT DOCOMO, INC.

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