NEC to build a global innovation building near Tokyo

NEC Global Innovation Building

Tokyo, Japan: NEC Corporation has announced the construction of a global base for innovation near Tokyo. The upcoming 12-storey structure provisionally named “NEC Innovation Building” will provide a total floor area of approximately 50,000 square meters at an estimated 33 billion yen (USD 236 million) construction cost. The construction of the planned building will begin in March 2023 and is expected to be completed in June 2025.

Approximately 4,700 people belonging to organisations, such as the Global Innovation Unit will use the new building. These organisations are involved in the creation of innovation, the development of cutting-edge technologies and new business development.

The company aims to become a forum for “creating knowledge” by interacting with startups and partners around the world and creating social value through open innovation.

In addition to office floors, the building will also have a floor for evaluation experiments and demonstrations, a floor for joint research and development with partners, and a floor for events and networking.

Moreover, as a flagship building for work style reform, a “Communication Hub” will be provided as a forum for collaboration with team members throughout the building, as well as an “Innovation Hub.” Individuals from inside and outside the company can gather at the hub and a variety of digital technologies, such as facial recognition, will be installed.

As part of efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and promote energy conservation, the building will feature methods for taking advantage of solar power generation from the roof, geothermal heat, efficient natural ventilation using the atrium and natural lighting through sunlight from skylights.

Furthermore, NEC plans to optimise control using various sensors, including lighting control from motion sensors and illuminance sensors, human flow and radiation temperature detection control using image sensors, and ventilation control using real-time occupancy detection.

As a countermeasure against disasters, the building will adopt a seismic isolation structure and a machine/equipment arrangement that does not impair the building’s functions, even with a flood height of 2.6 metres.

As a key measure of NEC’s Mid-term Management Plan 2025, the company is promoting “Smart Work 2.0” work style reform in order to create an environment in which organisations and individuals can perform at their best and enhance job satisfaction by following NEC’s Code of Values.

Going forward, NEC will further develop its Smart Work 2.0 and promote deeper connections with the future by creating social value through innovation with various stakeholders. In this way, the company will realize the “NEC 2030VISION“.

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