HPE’s new hybrid cloud data protection and management solutions

Bangalore: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced new hybrid cloud data protection and copy data management solutions for its storage portfolio. These new capabilities increase the simplicity, performance and agility of data life cycle management for private and public clouds, reducing unplanned downtime and data loss:

· Next generation of HPE StoreOnce backup appliance portfolio, which provides flash speed data protection in the data center and cost-efficient archive and disaster recovery in the cloud

· HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) 6.0, now extending integrated data protection and copy data management to HPE Nimble Storage

· HPE StoreOnce with Commvault software integration, enabling seamless backup to the cloud

· HPE GreenLake Backup enhanced with next-generation HPE StoreOnce and Commvault software integration

As the engine of digital transformation, data is an organization’s most valuable currency. The ability to gain actionable insights and unlock the economic value of data is critical for driving business outcomes. However, managing and protecting that data is increasingly challenging. Exploding data growth, demanding service level agreement (SLA) requirements, and an evolving threat landscape are putting pressure on IT to embrace an intelligent storage approach to protecting applications across their private and public cloud estate.

“Businesses need a built-for-cloud approach to data protection and copy data management on premises and in the cloud for simple and efficient data mobility,” said Vikram K, Senior Director, Hybrid IT, HPE India. “The solutions and services announced today enable HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage customers to effortlessly orchestrate intelligent, multi-tiered data protection from on premises arrays to the public cloud – driven by policy and business need.”

Next Generation HPE StoreOnce Optimizes Cloud Investment
An increasing number of organizations are now deploying a cloud-first strategy, mandating that their IT functions are built for cloud. HPE StoreOnce systems deliver simple, cost efficient and secure backup to the cloud. As a result, customers can leverage the benefits of the cloud for long-term retention of backup data to help with regulatory or governance compliance or disaster recovery, while continuing to use on-premises performance optimized StoreOnce systems for short term operational recovery for fast restore.

“The significant performance, capacity and manageability improvements offered by the next generation HPE StoreOnce lets us protect more data, faster, and for less,” said Sebastian Koehler, Solution Architect, Godyo Enterprise Computing AG. “It provides us with end-to-end protection as we evolve to hybrid cloud, enabling us to easily utilize the economics and agility of the cloud for archive or disaster recovery, while continuing to use our on-premises HPE StoreOnce infrastructure for fast, reliable operational recovery.”

Next-generation StoreOnce with Cloud Bank Storage dramatically improves the performance and agility of hybrid cloud data protection for environments including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure by copying only unique data to the cloud, and stores encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery. The next generation HPE StoreOnce platform reduces operational time by as much as 95% with a unified view of multiple HPE StoreOnce systems – both on premises and in the cloud.

“Cloud is a strategic priority in every organization today, and data protection is a popular use case,” said Tad Brockway, General Manager, Azure Storage – Microsoft Corp. “Next generation HPE StoreOnce with Cloud Bank Storage delivers simple, efficient and secure backup to the cloud. With the combination of Microsoft Azure and HPE StoreOnce, enterprises are able to move faster, reduce risk and save money.”

RMC 6.0 for HPE Nimble Storage Delivers Cloud Agility at Flash Speed
Businesses are looking to leverage their backup data for more than just recovery. They are evolving their data protection process from being a reactive insurance policy to a proactive, value-added service for their organization.

HPE RMC delivers a simpler, centralized copy data management solution currently available for HPE 3PAR and now extended to HPE Nimble Storage. Using RMC 6.0 for direct backup from HPE storage arrays to HPE StoreOnce now delivers approximately 23X faster backup and about 15X faster recovery with less cost and complexity than competing solutions.

“Our research shows that fragmented, inefficient secondary data copy sprawl is putting pressure on costs and intensifying risk for many organizations,” said Christophe Bertrand, Senior Data Protection Analyst – Enterprise Strategy Group. “HPE storage-integrated copy data management with RMC 6.0 helps solve the challenges of copy data proliferation and manual data provisioning with fast, automated and zero-impact data access for recovery, archive, analytics and application development.”

Commvault Integration Extends the HPE StoreOnce Software Partner Ecosystem
New Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery software integration with HPE StoreOnce provides seamless and efficient backup to the cloud. Commvault customers can now benefit from up to 20x lower cloud storage costs, faster backups, and approximately 95% less backup storage and network traffic.

“This announcement further strengthens the partnership between Commvault and HPE, providing our mutual customers with a simple, efficient, fast and secure hybrid cloud data protection solution,” said, Owen Taraniuk, Head of Worldwide Partnerships and Market Development – Commvault.” The combination of Commvault software and the next generation HPE StoreOnce platform seamlessly extends the datacenter to the cloud, enabling organizations to move data where it needs to be.”

Optimized Cloud Economics
HPE customers can now gain from applying cloud economics to the security and control of their on-premises infrastructure with a pay-per-use billing model that aligns and grows with business needs. The pay-per-use consumption models and HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity planning strategies with HPE GreenLake Backup will be enhanced with the next generation HPE StoreOnce and the new Commvault integration, delivering 30% savings with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity. The complete backup solution is designed, operated and implemented by HPE Pointnext.

Additionally, advisory and professional services for Azure Hybrid cloud offered by HPE Pointnext helps customers define and implement a hybrid IT backup strategy that delivers end-to-end support for the customer environment from primary storage to HPE StoreOnce and Azure.

HPE StoreOnce is now available, while RMC 6.0 will be available December 2018 and comes standard with every HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage array

Commvault integration with HPE StoreOnce is currently available and HPE GreenLake Backup is currently available

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