Galaktic search engine launched in India

Galaktic search engine

Mumbai: Taglr Technologies launched its Galaktic search engine in India. The AI backed Galaktic search engine is an on-premise software platform that offers highly personalized search results with AI-driven approach.

It delivers real-time recommendations based on consumer behaviour since it has an embedded consumer behaviour learning engine. Galaktic is a software platform of Mumbai based Taglr Technologies.

The platform has on-boarded brands across various sectors including Square Yards (Real Estate), Tasaasia (edu-tech), Stockal (BFSI), and a leading business house building a marketplace for steel products. Galaktic has successfully increased the traffic of such clients by five times using its unconventional approach.

It has further augmented the average time spent by visitors and search queries for the brands by 60% and 55% respectively. Galaktic plans to extend its reach to other industries including OTT (Over-the-top), retail, travel aggregator, food aggregator, online classifieds and job search portals shortly.

Using Machine Learning, the search engine enables websites and mobile apps to deliver highly personalized search results. Wherein the discovery of the relevant content is quicker than the usual approach.

Galaktic is effective across multiple industries including BFSI, real estate, edu-tech retail, healthcare, news and broadcasting, fashion, and home alongside other e-commerce categories. It also comes equipped with multilingual capabilities that make it compatible across the globe.

The state-of-the-art, on-premise solution addresses the key challenges that most search engines and e-commerce websites face while providing an engaging visitor experience.

The Galaktic suite works to enable e-commerce businesses to deliver results for natural language queries. This is accomplished via a library that contains thousands of natural language phrases. It works to continually optimize a website’s search functionality by leveraging a visitor’s past preferences as well as real-time interpretations of their current actions on the website.

Some features of Galaktic search engine include predictive suggest, personalized recommendations, search optimizations, dynamic filters, and geolocation that cater to the needs of several industries.

According to Taglr Technologies CEO Anirudha Khopade, the launch of Galaktic in India has catapulted into the future of search technologies that are natural language friendly, AI-powered, and driven by personalized recommendations based on visitor actions and intent.

“Galaktic is an affordable tool that can leverage advanced off-the-shelf capabilities to increase visitor engagement. We are extremely optimistic about the effective changes that Galaktic will bring in terms of personalized search results and an overall engaging experience, especially in the e-commerce space,” said Khopade.

“Most important the solution comes as SaaS-based and even On-premise hosted for industries which are sensitive towards their consumer data,” added Khopade.

The platform is equipped with multilingual search, voice search, image search, and IoT (Internet of things) based search.

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