Fujitsu and NetApp expand tech strategic ties

Fujitsu - Netapp expand tech partnership

Tokyo, Japan: Fujitsu and NetApp expanded tech strategic partnership today. Under this expansion, Fujistu will leverage NetApp technology for its storage portfolio to provide more efficient data management infrastructure to customers.

This new engagement with NetApp has a major role to play in Fujitsu’s broader Digital Transformation strategy under which it offers a broader portfolio of products and solutions.

Strategic ties

Fujitsu and NetApp have a strategic partnership that is more than two-decade-old. And both the companies have continued to work together to expand their long-standing strategic partnership over the years.

“Fujitsu has been a strategic partner for NetApp for more than two decades, and we are delighted to expand this relationship further,” said Brad Anderson, EVP and GM – Hybrid Cloud Group, NetApp.

Digital Transformation strategy

This partnership in its larger context is aimed at supporting digital transformation, according to Fujitsu. That’s where Fujitsu and NetApp will offer storage solutions and data management software respectively to customers.

“This collaboration combined with Fujitsu’s broader Digital Transformation strategy offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions, targeted at critical business applications, as well as emerging workloads across the edge, core, and multi-clouds,” added Anderson.

“We see this enhanced strategic partnership with NetApp as a critical step in supporting digital transformation by enabling customers to effectively manage and leverage their data,” said Kenichi Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer, SVP and Head -Infrastructure System Business Unit, Fujitsu.

In the perspective of this expanded partnership, Fujitsu rolled out four new series of ETERNUS storage products leveraging NetApp technology.

Fujitsu’s new products with NetApp technology

With NetApp technology, Fujitsu has come up with four mid range storage products ETERNUS AB, ETERNUS HB, ETERNUS AX and ETERNUS HX. The new storage products will help customers leverage data faster with lower operational management costs and overall enhance their data management infrastructure.

ETERNUS AB and ETERNUS HB series support databases used in customers’ mission-critical systems and for advanced scientific computing systems used in HPC.

While ETERNUS AX and ETERNUS HX series are for virtualised systems and file servers. These series offer both the high response performance required by virtualized systems through block access and simplified data management with file access, all in one store.

Future roadmap

More so, Fujistu and NetApp have agreed to expand their partnership ahead in future for new products as well.

In fact, Fujitsu said that it intends to introduce solutions that leverage NetApp technologies for AI, hybrid cloud and HPC. Both are combining products and technologies to offer new solutions in the AI, HPC (high-performance computing) and hybrid cloud space by end of 2020.

This includes the development of AI solutions combining Fujitsu’s servers with NetApp’s storage to reduce time to design and build AI systems and learn vast amounts of data.

For HPC, Fujitsu will combine the high-performance scalable file systems and data-processing technologies with NetApp storage solutions to enable advanced simulation and analysis under complex conditions.

Fujitsu also plans to develop a hybrid cloud solution with NetApp cloud data services to manage private and public cloud environments in the datacentre with a single storage operating system.

(Image credit – Fujitsu)

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