About TechHerald

TechHerald - an independent tech business news resource

TechHerald – an independent tech business news portal that caters to enterprise technology vendors, channel partners, startups & IT business leaders.

The core foundation of TechHerald is built upon the premise and guiding principles of Independent Journalism.

Being an independent enterprise tech business news portal, TechHerald’s goal is to disseminate news and information that is accurate, unbiased, informative, valuable, useful and timely to the respective stakeholders in the IT and business sectors.

TechHerald is a vision and brainchild of Pankaj Maru, a technology business journalist with over 15 years of work experience in the field of Journalism and Technology Business news reporting.

During this long tenure as a journalist, he has worked with India‘s top news publications and media houses. That includes The Times of India, The Indian Express Group’s Express Computer magazine and FinancialExpress.com, The CyberMedia Group’s CIOL.com and DataQuest magazine, Singapore based TechInAsia.com as India contributor and very recently he was associated with The Economic Times – ETCIO.com