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Bangalore: Trend Micro’s Vision One is a new threat defense platform. It offers extended detection and response (XDR)’s core capabilities to security teams with visibility and quick response.

Organisations are struggling with siloed tools, disjointed alerts and stealthy, sophisticated threats. Whether they have a Security Operations Centres (SOCs) or are relying on stretched IT security teams for SOC functions. Security remains a complex and exhaustive exercise.

Trend Micro’s XDR solution, launched in 2019 helped hundreds of organisations identify and reduce cyber risk by correlating alerts across the IT environment.

And now with Trend Micro’s Vision One, the company is solving more complex security challenges. The enhanced XDR offers new risk visibility, new third-party integrations and simplified response to threats across security layers.

“Our team had previously been simply overwhelmed with threat alerts they couldn’t prioritize, hitting productivity and exposing our organisation to extra cyber risk,” said Aaron Cunningham, VP – IT, Glazer’s Beer and Beverage.

“We can count on Trend Micro to provide more context and less noise so they can react faster to the threats that matter. Their integration with our third-party SIEM provider means we can also drive value from existing investments,” added Cunningham.

With Trend Micro’s Vision One, organisations can maximise efficiency by making less sophisticated security resources operate at a more expert level. It allows them to faster dissect security incidents, identify critical threat patterns and complex attacks. And help understand their overall security posture and trends, so organisations can proactively identify and assess potential security risks.

According to Gartner’s Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response – March 2020 — “Two of the biggest challenges for all security organisations are hiring and retaining technically savvy security operations staff. And building a security operations capability that can confidently configure, maintain a defensive posture and provide a rapid detection and response capacity. Mainstream organisations are often overwhelmed by the intersectionality of these two problems.”
The holistic threat defence platform is true to its name, offering:

Visibility & threat intelligence: Cross-layer detection models along with Trend Micro Research insights’ support allows security risk visibility. Enabling enterprises to see complex attacks and particular points of security risk that siloed solutions miss. In preview, are new insights into SaaS application usage, their risk levels and trends over time.
Purpose-built sensors: Native integrations with Trend Micro security stack across critical security layers.
Fit with existing infrastructure: Out-of-the-box, API integrations with existing third-party solutions already in use to complement workflows.
Simplified management: Ability to adjust security policies and drive response actions across security layers from a single console instead of swivel chair management.

“Standing upon three decades of innovation, Trend Micro was at the forefront of the fast-growing XDR space. But as XDR solutions flood the market, we are going further and offering more,” said Trend Micro COO, Kevin Simzer.

“Trend Micro’s Vision One platform helps make good security teams great by easily identifying critical needs and enabling quick actions. This threat defence platform will continue to evolve in response to the changing threat landscape and the infrastructure of our customers,” added Simzer.

In addition, customers can connect this new platform to other security technologies, third-party endpoint protection platforms, SIEM and SOARs. Including new integrations with Fortinet, Microsoft Sentinel and Splunk just to name a few.

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