opens a new centre in Chennai for mobile app security

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Mumbai: Mobile threat defence (MTD) startup has opened its new Product Innovation Centre in Chennai. The new centre will cater will deliver mobile threat defence solutions for the banking and financial enterprises leveraging deep tech and cutting-edge research in mobile security.

This new Product Innovation Centre will put India at centre stage globally on the advanced mobile app security solutions front, according to

It enter will bring together’s digital ecosystem including clients, partners, startups and academia to innovative mobile digital solutions in the cyber threat defence area.’s Product Innovation Centre focuses on mobile app security with research and development on mobile app security solutions and monitoring. The centre in the coming quarter will get enhanced further as India’s first Security Operations Centre (SOC) dedicated to mobile app threat monitoring.

The benefits to enterprises will be in form of embracing a robust mobile app security framework which in turn can help them to deliver a secured and enhanced customer experience on their mobile apps. It also enables businesses to lower app security implementation costs while being fully compliant with regulatory guidelines.

The innovation centre will further draw mileage from’s industry-first innovation that uses unique Run Time Application Self Protection (RASP) for mobile app security and fraud control. Banks and insurance companies, NBFCs and fintech firms can rely upon and benefit from’s MTD solutions while focusing on their core business.

“At our mission is to deliver best-in-class mobile app, device and transaction security solutions to the industry and safeguard mobile applications used to enhance customer experience,” said Manish Mimani, Founder and CEO of

“We aim to build an Atmanirbhar Bharat in mobile cyber threat defence area by developing self-reliance, providing import substitution, stimulating digital innovation and developing talent in deep tech space,” added Mimani.

“Our Product Innovation Centre through its slew of R&D pursuits aims to break through mobile app security challenges and address the pressing need of organisations to protect their mobile apps and transactions at a lower cost and reduce their import dependency,” commented Mohanraj Selvaraj, Head of Engineering,

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